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  1. Ptonox

    LF HA Pachirisu (Gen 7) FT Melmetal (Gen 8) COMPLETED

    I'm looking for a HA pachirisu, and i can offer a Melmetal in exchange. The pachirisu would be recieved in a 7 gen game, and i can trade the melmetal in a gen 8 game. I know seems a little bit complicated, but i want the pachirisu for breeding and it cannot be done in gen 8 a the moment (if...
  2. OneEyedJck

    LF Meltan Melmetal Phione

    I have all other Legendaries, Mythicals and Ultra Beasts, so I can probably work something out. Additionally I can breed a lot of Pokemon and have a lot of flawless IV Gigantamax Pokemon as well. PM me if interested. Thank you.
  3. Z

    LF: Meltan, Melmetal, & Some HAs; FT: Some legendaries & other HAs

    I'm very close to completing both a living-dex and a collection of every breedable pokemon with its Hidden Ability. I've only got a few more to go in this case, and since they're kinda tough ones to get, figured I'd ask about getting them here. First off, looking for Meltan & Melmetal. They're...
  4. D

    LF: Diancie FT: Meltan among other Mythicals!

    Hello! I'm looking for Diancie and Marshadow I have multiple Pokemon for trade that I've collected over the years, all of course are legit and as follows: Mythical: Mew, Celebi, Deoxys, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo, Genesect, Hoopa, Magearna and Meltan Shiny event Legendaries: Raikou and...
  5. Ghost94

    FT: Melmetal LF: Jolly/Adamant Zeraora

    As the title states I’m offering a Melmetal with the nature of your choice for a Zeraora with Jolly or Adamant nature.
  6. D

    Melmetal wanted (Done)

    Hey guys, I know Melmetal is extremely hard to get, but I can't have pokemon GO o my phone, cause it's a very old phone. So I have to try it, al least, to get it from trade. I can offer (more will be added soon): *shiny Kakuna *shiny Pidgey *shiny Rattata *shiny Nidoran male *shiny Zubat *shiny...
  7. M

    FT: Melmetal and Timid Zapdos

    I'm looking for shiny pokemon. Post your offers if you are interested.
  8. M

    LF Melmetal

    Looking for someone to trade me a melmetal. I can offer LGP mons or Shiny Rhydon or Shiny Lickitung.