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original fiction

  1. Umbramatic


    This one was another story originally written back in 2009, and as with all these I've been doing I've touched it up to fit my modern standards and ideas and **** but also. This one's special. It's the origin story of Iggy, one particular OC I don't always talk much about but has a very...
  2. Umbramatic


    Oh god this was also written in 2009. Have another original fiction oneshot from my seventeen-year-old self. It, remarkably, has no ties to any of my current projects, but I'm thinking of making it a kind of backstory to a super special secret upcoming one. It is also instrumental to my love of...
  3. Umbramatic

    Wakeup Call

    Written in 2014, this is a prequel to one particular story idea of mine. It’s also pretty R-rated due to swearing and some sexual references and content – though the latter should make sense given who the story is about. Now let’s-a go: Wakeup Call Kyle Jacobson was doing his taxes. Again. He...
  4. Umbramatic


    This is a small part of a larger story set in a larger universe, specifically the backstory of one of the main characters in a high fantasy universe of mine. As a result, it will probably have that “part of a larger story” vibe to it, but I’ve tried to make it stand on its own as much as I can...
  5. Umbramatic

    The Multiverse Bucket

    Heyo! This is my Multiverse Bucket, a place for my original fiction drabbles, new and old.Hopefully you enjoy these bite-sized tales. As for the first one... This was one of the drabbles I wrote for a drabble lesson in a creative writing class. I've refurbished it a little to be up to my...
  6. Umbramatic

    Reminders Of Home (Original Fiction, Drabble)

    So this is a bit of a weird one.. This was a drabble done for art class, with us being assigned to switch gears and write a poem or short story about another person's piece, and I was assigned this: Despite not having any writing energy in months I went feral churning out a drabble/scene for...