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  1. I

    Need Help Building Teams

    To keep it short, I have deciphered what Pokémon I want to use, however, because it took me so long yesterday to get them all organized into little sub groups, I need help putting them in teams where they would be most beneficial. Pokémon are as follows: Offense: Luvdisc Unown Beedrill Plusle...
  2. AgentKallus

    Flag face-off. (30 minute cooldown)

    I had another idea for a dumb face-off Two flags will face-off against each other, first to zero loses. Hopefully the game will continue until only one flag remains. Rules Both flags start with 15 points, you remove a point from one side per post, first to zero loses. I doubt this'll need a...
  3. AgentKallus

    Cheese Puff Face-off

    Rules Reduce by 1 no cooldown but don't doublepost Last to zero wins Cheetos: 15 Wotsits: 15 Spongebob:15
  4. AgentKallus

    Name the Pokemon.

    This is a simple enough game, some one post a picture of a pokemon and the next poster gives it a nickname and posts a new picture of a pokemon for the next person. like so So I'll start us off with this Pokemon.
  5. AgentKallus

    Animated movie face off (4 hour cooldown)

    Uh yeah I made this thing. According to rotten tomatoes Chicken Run is the 21st best animated film of all time. Nominate a maximum of idk 10 animated movies, after a decent number I'll start the face off. Rules -Uh These things tend to have cooldowns and 4 is my favourite number so we'll...