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  1. X

    What Pokémon do you think Ash will catch next in the next anime?

    I’ve been thinking about it lately about when Ash goes on a new journey and he’ll catch some new Pokémon on the way. In fact, there have been some speculations from fans that Ash will catch the starters from Scarlet and Violet (either one of them, two of them or all three of them), to which I...
  2. X

    Would it be awesome if all of Ash’s previous companions come to the masters 8 final?

    I had that thought for a long while after some events, from a speculation video by the pokeraf and artwork of them together by Legacy3211, to the episodes leading up to the masters 8 tournament and the recent tournament episodes. I think it would be an amazing moment where all of Ash’s...
  3. AllOfAshmon

    Pokemon Anime Gen 9 predictions

    Based on the new trailer for S&V and school setting, how would gen 9 anime goes if Ash still stays on the protagonist, here is my predictions for the anime - Ash was recommended by both Oak and Cerise to attend the school in Pokespain as a guest reseacher cum foreign exchange student for a...
  4. Darkbirt

    Is PLA a part of generation 9?

    Their is no thread of generation 9 speculations, but with Pokémon Day coming next week we probably will know more. I've read a lot of speculations about the future of PLA and generation 9. I noticed one thing, everyone thinks that PLA is not a main game and no one considered it a part of it...
  5. NeedsAName

    Pokémon Predictions

    NOTICE: Þis Þread is only about Pokémon creatures, not about Þe entire franchise. Anyways, what kind of Pokémon do you Þink we'll almost certainly be seeing in Generation 9? Maybe you've noticed some strange trends in what generations have what Pokémon, or maybe you just can Þink of an animal...
  6. DragonScale

    The most likely remaining pokemon for the Galar regional dex

    https://www.serebii.net/swordshield/galarpokedex.shtml They're like because A) They fit the region and make sense B) They're a counterpart of a already confirmed pokemon C) They're a fan-favorite D) The species said pokemon is based on is native to europe, let alone, UK Venusaur Blastoise...