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  1. Lord Godwin

    If instead of Master 8 there would've been a master 16 or 32 instead

    So Let's imagine the last level of the PWT is Master 16 or even Master 32 and we are still getting it in a form of an Tournament who would you want to see there? As a bonus you can write some fun Match-ups that you would see working here. So I put together how I would play with a Master 32...
  2. F

    My theory on why Giovanni is in the PWT in Pokémon BW2

    So, we all know that Giovanni is in the Kanto Leaders tournament in the PWT instead of Blue, who instead competes in the Champions tournament. The question is: why is a wanted man allowed to participate in the PWT? My personal headcanon is that after being defeated by the player in the Kanto...