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  1. Ghost94

    Shiny Mew Glitch(8F) - Send to HOME

    Not sure if this has been posted, but Austin John Plays made a guide on how to get a glitch Mew in the Red/Blue virtual console games and change its stats so it will legally pass through Pokémon HOME and be shiny! I can confirm that this works, but be careful as I corrupted my save once by not...
  2. 0

    Is this a legit website to buy Shiny Pokémon?

    Hello guys, I have read a good review about this website, can someone bought Pokémon's or Shiny Pokémon's or any items from this website can confirm This website: shiny4u.com Thank you
  3. Bimby

    SWSH LF Diancie (any) FT Zamazenta, Spectrier, Assorted Shinies

    I am looking to complete my Pokédex, and all I need is Diancie. This trade would take place in SWSH. The following Shines are up for trade. Treecko Golduck Ponyta(Kanto). Let me know if interested. I can applyNature Mints, Ability patch/Capsule, and Hyper Training per your request.
  4. S

    Looking for Blue Shiny Pokémon

    Hey there everyone, I’m looking for any shiny Pokémon that have a blue hue/color to them. I have other shiny Pokémon I’m willing to trade. I’d also really like a shiny shroomish in PoGo if possible. PoGo code: 5159 5450 1874 PoHm code: ALVEBUNZQWRH FT: shiny- rogganrola, galarian zigzagoon...
  5. 3laynena

    What's the best gen VII shiny?

    Help me out by suggesting what i should shiny hunt next in USUM lol. Personally I love decidueye, nihilego and mimikyu's shinies the most but I'm curious as to what other people think.
  6. Darkshadows9776

    LF: Zeraora FT: Various event and shiny Pokemon

    Took a break for a while and looking for a Zeraora or two to finish off my gen 7 dex before I start playing gen 8 seriously. Going to be keeping it in gen 7 and transferring an extra one, if I get it, forward. If I have multiple copies of an event Pokemon, it's because I had multiple games that...
  7. M

    (BDSP) I Need A Spinda Please help. (May 23 2022 4am est)

    Hi, I almost got my shiny charm in brilliant diamond but I’m missing data for spinda. I can’t transfer my pokemon home spinda because the app wont allow it. Spinda is also only found in bdsp in a swarm. I have been waiting for days for Dawn’s sister to tell me that spinda is swarming. I’d really...
  8. Blue & Pink Playthroughs

    Pokémon Co-op Playthrough (Shiny Nuzlocke) 60 FPS

    Hi friends! We'd like to share the first episode of our co-op run of Pokémon Emerald with you all :) The rule we've set for ourselves is that we can only catch Shiny Pokémon (settings adjusted to make it feasible) it's been flippin' funny so far xD Keen to see if anyone else finds this idea...
  9. silv3rsolstic3

    Legends: Arceus Shinies (not really spoiler)

    hi there, everyone! I've heard that it's pretty easy to find shinies in the game because there are many ways to raise your odds and all shinies show in the overworld. so: here it is. how many of you have found a shiny thus far? (sorry if someone's already done this. i'm very curious and have not...
  10. D

    Need a shiny eevee

    I need a shiny eevee but I don't have the shiny charm so can someone catch or hatch one for me and we cn trade, gender doesn't matter, also I need it for swsh
  11. SorcererPikachu5X5

    Looking for SHINY Gen 4 Legends for Pokémon Home

    UPDATE: I've completed my Pokédex, so I'm in no rush to accomplish something or look for specific Pokémon. However, if you do have any legendary mythical Pokémon that are shiny, then I'll be happy to do a trade. Let me know which shinies I have that you want to trade. I'm even open to do a...
  12. Blastoise91

    Ooooo Shiny!

    Hey everyone, looking for a few shinies listed below and offering up a few of my own. I am only looking for Pokemon with names spelled in letters regardless of Country and am not interested in trading for Pokemon named in characters unless they are events or not available in Sword or Shield, if...
  13. SorcererPikachu5X5

    Looking for Shiny Legendary & Mythical Pokémon & Items

    Hi everyone, I'm looking to complete my collection of shiny Pokémon. What I'm currently looking for are shiny mythical Pokémon that have been officially distributed by an event or have been legitimately received. No hack or any of the sorts allowed. There will also be a few non-shinies that I'm...
  14. B

    Shiny Trade Center

    Welcome to my Shiny Trade Center! I'm currently working on my shiny living dex and while shiny hunting I came across many duplicates. Most of those duplicates are from Go and Sword/Shield or Sun/Moon.
  15. RyPy

    FT: Shiny Dreepy LF: Any Shiny

    The shiny Dreepy is in a quick ball and I’m looking to trade it for almost any offers so long as it’s shiny. First come first serve. If you have a good offer I can toss in a mint possibly. Dreepy - Male - Lv. 37- Ultra Ball Nature: Quirky HP: Best Attack: Pretty Good Defense: Decent Sp...
  16. K

    LF: Crown Tundra shinies/shiny legendaries FT: Shinies, some random Events/Legendaries

    Hi There! I am offeringt these following Pokeman and would gladly add MB's/gold caps / / / Shiny DLC pokemon and legendaries, in particular: Nidoking, Tyrantrum, Aron, Beldum, Bagon, Gible, Dratini Non shiny: Glastrier, Regieleki As for the legendaries: Rayquaza, Xerneas, Yveltal, Zygarde...
  17. S

    LF: Regidrago FT: Shiny Suicune + Master Ball

    I'm trading a shiny Japanese Suicune I got some time ago from Pokemon Home for Regidrago. I'll also include a Master Ball too.
  18. W

    [CLOSED] Need Mew pokedex entry

    Hello everyone! As the title says I need one last pokedex entry - Mew. I learned that it will be impossible to import one from Pokemon Go. So I need to find someone willing to trade a Mew. Of course I'll return it right away. I don't need the actual pokemon but only a pokedex entry. I have a...
  19. SorcererPikachu5X5

    Shiny Pokémon Trade List

    Hi everyone, I have a massive list of Shiny Pokémon that I’m both looking for and willing to trade. Many of them will have some specifics like regarding its gender and ability. Don’t worry about either which Pokéball it’s in or its IVs. HOWEVER, if you’re able to rename your Pokémon, that...
  20. P

    LF: Marshadow, Melmetal, Shiny Gen 8 Starters, Shiny Eevee, Shiny Umbreon FT: Shinies

    LF: Marshadow Melmetal Shiny Inteleon Shiny Cinderace Shiny Rillaboom Shiny Eevee Shiny Umbreon Shiny Steelix Shiny Luxray Shiny Milotic Shiny Celebi (Recent Event) FT: Shiny Torkoal Shiny Machamp Shiny Coalossal Shiny Golduck Shiny Slurpuff Shiny Gyrados Shiny Blissey Shiny Hydreigon Shiny...