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  1. W

    Need Mew pokedex entry

    Hello everyone! As the title says I need one last pokedex entry - Mew. I learned that it will be impossible to import one from Pokemon Go. So I need to find someone willing to trade a Mew. Of course I'll return it right away. I don't need the actual pokemon but only a pokedex entry. I have a...
  2. S

    Trading Kadabra

    Hello I’m looking for someone to help me evolve my Kadabra to Alakazam through trading In Pokémon let’s go Eevee. Is there anyone who can help me here? thanks, Sagi.
  3. SorcererPikachu5X5

    Shiny Pokémon Trade List

    Hi everyone, I have a massive list of Shiny Pokémon that I’m both looking for and willing to trade. Many of them will have some specifics like regarding its gender and ability. Don’t worry about either which Pokéball it’s in or its IVs. HOWEVER, if you’re able to rename your Pokémon, that...
  4. C

    Need an Anticipation Eevee but...

    I don't know where to post this since there doesn't seem to be a general trade thread. I need an anticipation Eevee but on ORAS. I accidentally imported all of mine to Pkmn HOME and now I can't make a Hyper Voice Sylveon ;( I have a bunch of legendaries and a couple Shiny Pokemon I can trade...
  5. J

    Lf foreign ditto pokemon sword

    Hi I'm from Australia looking to trade for a foreign ditto for masuda breeding please help
  6. J

    Trade Evolution help

    Hi I need help with a trade evolve for my Alolan Graveler. Last time I traded through the game's random trade and that person took it and ran off with it. I'm planning on adding the future Alolan Golem to my team so I definitely would need it back after it evolves. Happy to trade with someone...
  7. Rahus

    Home Pokedex Completion

    Looking for some Pokemon from the list below to finish my National Dex in Pokemon Home. I don't care about the quality of the Pokemon, I just need its dex info. I am also willing to do tradebacks. --- Pokemon I'm Looking For: --- Deoxys Phione Manaphy Shaymin Victini Meloetta Genesect Diancie...
  8. R

    Trading for game exclusive and trade exclusive evolutions

    Hey all. I have Pokemon Sword version. Looking to trade for pokemon found in shield version and pokemon evolved through trade. I have a lot of pokemon to trade that are exclusive to sword and also ready for you to get your trade evolutions done if you haven't. I need quite a few trade evolutions...
  9. D

    FT shiny Milcery w/rash nature

    Caught at lvl 13 in the wild. Looking for Mew or any Pokémon with Pokerus but honestly I’m open to offers
  10. J

    Looking for Psycho Boost Lugia

    Hello, I am looking for a Psycho Boost Lugia from Pokemon XD moved to HOME. I will trade a good amount of Gmax (souped) pokemon, apricorn/special balls, shinies, and legendaries/mythical (like 2018 Jirachi) for said pokemon if you can provide verification of the Lugia being legit.
  11. Pokefan_1987

    Got a 3rd Scorbunny with Libero (Hidden Ability)...looking for a Zamazenta (Shield)

    Like the title says i got a 3rd Scorbunny with Libero (Hidden Ability) in a mystery trade. My first hidden ability was from the pokemon home app. But since i already have a regular Cinderace and a Hidden Ability Cinderace. Does anyone have a spare Zamazenta that they are willing to part with...
  12. H

    Help needed to complete dex!

    Hi I need a hand with a few Pokemon trades to complete my dex in Shield (can't get the first one for the life of me!) Drampa, Arctovish and Clauncher Cheers!
  13. FloralLunala

    Link trade issues.

    Hello! When I go to link trade Someone with a code on Pokémon shield it never shows there name, instead it is just other random people and when I tell them a code and they search for me it shows and we trade. This has happened to me several times when I am trying to join giveaways. How do I...
  14. B

    LF: 6iv foreign Ditto

    LF: 6iv, non-English Ditto Also Urshifu single strike and Galarian Slopoke for trade evolution. FT: Lvl 55 Shiny Wishiwashi, female, 4iv with modest nature in a net ball. Nicknamed Ann Chovy. Lvl 1 Shiny Toxel, female, 4iv with naive nature in an ultra ball. Nicknamed Amy Lee. Ability rattled...
  15. gabz

    Help With Dex Completition

    Hi! Im looking for -Croagunk -Toxicroak -Zamazenta -Squirtle -Heracross -Skrelp -Dragalge (Shield exclusives) and a couple of trade evolution Pokemon. I can trade you whatever youre looking for and help with your dex completition as well. I can give any of them back if you want, just want them...
  16. Smackle123

    Is a Meltan worth it?

    I recently got a Meltan in a trade for an old Zekrom from pokemon white I had and was wondering if it was worth it???
  17. BlueBloodPenn

    Isle of Armor Trades for Shield

    Looking for a hand to do some trades to help finish of my Isle of Armor Dex. I have pretty much everything, just need some tradebacks and Sword stuff. Required: Pinsir Clauncher Scizor (Tradeback for Scyther) Slowking (Tradeback with my Slowpoke) Kingdra (Tradeback with my Seadra) Porygon-Z...
  18. M

    LF Zeraora

    Does anyone have an extra Zeraora from the event? I missed it, but I have several mythicals that I can trade (Marshadow, Hoopa, Volcanion, Genesect, Keldeo, Victini, Darkrai)
  19. Fushigiso

    LF: Zeraora FT: Diancie

    Hello all, I unfortunately missed the Zeraora USUM event. Is there somebody out there who has some (legit) spares and is willing to trade them? FT: (legit) Diancie event Pokemon (OT: Hope, from the ORAS event) My 3DS FC: 1134-7011-4017 Thanks so much in advance for helping me out, if you want...
  20. S

    Pokemon Trade Mr. Mime (Event)

    I missed my chance to recieve the Galarian Mr. Mime trough mystery gift last week. I'm looking for someone who is willing to trade his Mr. Mime. I am offering the Galarian Ponyta (also received trough Mystery gift). Or another Pokemon.. Please, feel free to ask. I hope someone is willing to...