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  1. Shadow_Trainer

    LF: Event Palofin

    I was kinda late in getting it, I don't have much Pokémon to trade, and I was hoping if anyone had any extras. LF- EVENT Palofin
  2. A

    LF battle ready VGC 2023 Regulation C pokemon

    along these lines or similar, please pm me for a trade Tatsugiri @ Toxic Orb Ability: Commander Level: 50 Tera Type: Grass EVs: 4 HP / 252 SpA / 252 Spe Timid Nature IVs: 0 Atk - Endure - Protect - Draco Meteor - Muddy Water Dondozo @ Leftovers Ability: Unaware Level...
  3. R3i

    LF: Scarlet exclusives FT: Violet exclusives

    LF: Slither Wing Sandy Shocks Hydreigon Bisharp Stonjourner Oranguru Shuppet Stunky Drifloon Gengar FT: Violet exclusives
  4. W

    Trading violet exclusives for scarlet exclusives

    Looking to trade ALL violet(I will have) for all scarlet(you should have) exclusives. Pls DM
  5. I

    Trading for Koraidon

    Edit: Decided to make a second profile speed through to get Miraidon and use my friends switch to bring it over. And then plan to be extremely careful attempting this trade again in the future.
  6. W

    LF Female Eevee (specific natures) CLOSED

    Looking for female eevee with timid, adamant, or modest natures. Offering male level 36 eevee bashful or calm nature.
  7. Astrint

    lf: any non english 0 speed 0 attack Ditto ft: Shiny Cufant or Shiny Psyduck

    Looking for a Ditto, any random ditto so long as it is non english and has 0 attack IVs and 0 Speed IVs. doesn't need to be shiny or any specific nature. just non English and have 0 atk and 0 Speed IVs. the rest of the IVs don't matter. bottle caps exist for that reason. I have a Shiny Cufant...
  8. Sightless

    LF: 5/6, 6/6 Non English Ditto FT: Shiny Fuecoco (Great)

    As the title says, I'm looking for a perf base non english ditto but I will settle for 5/6 too if needed. The shiny Fuecoco is english, and best in: HP, Defense, Speed, Sp Def. can be ev trained/hyper trained if needed for a perf ditto exchange. Feel free to comment or message! : )
  9. WhiteH4mmer

    LF Help Completing Violet Pokedex <3

    Hey guys just need 3 more to complete my Pokédex! Would appreciate the help finishing it out :):)! Just needing: Ceruledge Hydreigon Ghouldengo
  10. M

    Trading quaxly

    FT: Quaxly (freshly hatched) LF: fuecoco
  11. mew-21

    Edit: Trades finished <3 - LF: Violet Exclusives + ditto, FT: Scarlet Exclusives + Starters

    Edit: Got them all <3 thanks Hi! I haven't finished the game so I'm just looking for the normal pokemon LF: Misdreavus, Bagon, Gulpin, Clauncher, Dreepy, Passimian, Eiscue or non-SPA ditto (I'm ok with their evolution lines) FT: Larvitar, Drifloon, Stunky, Deino, Skrelp, Stonjourner...
  12. A

    FT: Auspicious Armor / Enamorous LF: Koraidon

    Anyone want an Enamorous in Home / Auspicious Armor in S/V for Koraidon? Can trade a pokemon with Auspicious Armour in Scarlet/Violet then Enamorous in Home. Let me know!
  13. Y

    Looking to Trade in Pokemon Legends Arceus: Magnemite

    Hello, Hope everyone is doing well during these trying times to start. It's been rough out there, and I'm glad to be part of an engaging community such as this. So, Pokemon Legends: Arceus, will be my first attempt at completing the Pokedex. I'm just trying to lighten my way to doing so, and...
  14. B

    LF Zarude FT Shiny Eternatus code, shiny pokemon, or Gen 1-7 legendaries

    LF Zarude FT Shiny Eternatus code, any legendary from Gen I to Gen VII or the following shinies: Sandslash Gyarados Gengar Jirachi Banette Thank you
  15. S

    Looking for Blue Shiny Pokémon

    Hey there everyone, I’m looking for any shiny Pokémon that have a blue hue/color to them. I have other shiny Pokémon I’m willing to trade. I’d also really like a shiny shroomish in PoGo if possible. PoGo code: 5159 5450 1874 PoHm code: ALVEBUNZQWRH FT: shiny- rogganrola, galarian zigzagoon...
  16. Darkshadows9776

    LF: Zeraora FT: Various event and shiny Pokemon

    Took a break for a while and looking for a Zeraora or two to finish off my gen 7 dex before I start playing gen 8 seriously. Going to be keeping it in gen 7 and transferring an extra one, if I get it, forward. If I have multiple copies of an event Pokemon, it's because I had multiple games that...
  17. B

    (BDSP) Looking for a spinda to complete my national dex

    SWITCH friend code is SW-1786-5795-6678 . Thanks in advance
  18. T

    (BDSP) Need to Trade my Kadabra and Rydon to Evolve, HELP!

    Reply or Pm me and help a homie out
  19. C

    Help redeeming a code for my son

    Hello guys, nice to meet you. My name is Carl, I'm not really used to posting in forums but I'll give it a try. My son (Lucas) has a Pokémon Sword cartridge and he needs help with some trading. He's 13yo so I'll try to help him with this. We received a code some time ago for two "shiny"...
  20. A

    Anyone wanna trade haunter and kadabra?

    Only recently started with this game and trying to get some trades. I have lets go pikachu, so i can get you the version exclusives. Or if you also want the haunter and kadabra evolutions, thats also an option