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  1. T

    Touch My Tail, Dude!

    Touch My Tail, Dude! Hey! Hey you! Yeah, you, in the green shirt! Touch my tail, dude! “No thanks?” Why not? …come on, you don’t really believe in that ‘thousand-year curse’ thing do you? Well, you should! Because it’s totally true! One hundred percent correct-a-mundo, my bro-slice. A single...
  2. Derald Snyder

    The Harshness Of Winter (PG-13)

    A/N: This is basically my interpretation of why Clair seems to have such a chip on her shoulder in-game, among other things. My first time writing a tragedy, so be gentle with your critiques. The Harshness Of Winter A Pokemon HeartGold/SoulSilver Fan Fiction By Derald Snyder Several years...
  3. DreamSayer

    A Mew Me: Reborn

    Chapter Index Chapter 1: Daybreak Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, and today is a gift. But tomorrow doesn't exist, because we only live in the now. So, that means every day is a gift. That's what she used to tell me when I was little… ***A*** A shop cashier hummed to...