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  1. Mismage

    SHINY TRADE 色違い交換

    Anyone willing to trade a SHINY HA Alola Vulpix for an SHINY HA Impidimp, I'm here. 色違い夢アローラロコンを交換したら色違い夢ベローバを持ってる 連絡してください
  2. Kyonlelouch

    LF: HA Vulpix

    Hey there, I'm looking for a Hidden Ability Vulpix/Ninetails. I am willing to negotiate a trade. Please DM me. *Edit: Already obtained one.
  3. gengraaah

    Help with pokemon explorers of sky?

    Im stuck on temporal tower? Leader is Eeve and partner is Vulpix. Eevee is lvl 41 and Vulpix is lvl 42. I can barely make it past 10 floors without Porygon discharging and killing me, please help?
  4. H

    Trade Help

    Hello, I was needing help with getting an Alolan Vulpix. I have Alolan Sandshrew to trade for it. I would appreciate the help!
  5. D

    Looking to Trade Alolan Vulpix for Alolan Sandshrew

    I have Let's Go Eevee and I'm looking for an Alolan Sandshrew that is Male and has an Adamant natured and has not been touched but fresh from the Person who trades you in Celadon City. I am willing to trade an Alolan Vulpix of any nature.
  6. D

    Looking for SANDSHREW and GROWLITHE in trade please!

    just looking to complete my dex and those 2 will do it. can get any pokemon u need. shinies may take a while lol.