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  1. Shiny_Wooper

    Trade-Back for zamazenta and zacian

    Hi! I was wondering if someone would want to trade zamazenta and zacian to me and I would trade them back just for the dex? I'll send a legendary for collateral. PM if interested
  2. S


    Willing to touch trade for a Zamazenta for my Zacian, need it to complete my pokedex
  3. dgarock

    LF: Zamazenta (with Rusted Shield); FT: Shinies

    LF: Zamazenta (with Rusted Shield) FT: Charmander (Shiny - 31/XX/31/31/31/31 - Adamant - Blaze) Machop (Shiny - XX/XX/XX/XX/XX/XX - Hasty - No Guard) Mime Jr. (Shiny - XX/XX/XX/XX/XX/31 - Quiet - Filter) Scraggy (Shiny - XX/XX/XX/XX/XX/XX - Bashful - Moxie) Inkay...
  4. Heikonyan

    LF: Zacian back and forth, FT: Zamazenta back and forth

    Title says about all, I want to complete my dex and only need Zacian for that, but I'd like to keep my Zamazenta. So anyone playing Sword who's in my shoes is welcome to trade dex entries that way :)
  5. TradeFreak

    Help finishing sword pokedex

    Lf: Lotad, hunter (no everstone plz). Also looking for Zamazenta, wont trade shinies or legenderies, but if youre interested in any pokemon but those, ill be your girl. Ft: Sword exclusives, 4 best iv ditto, Beast ball or all three starters.
  6. Y

    Looking for zamazenta

    hi everyone! Happy new year! I'm looking for zamazenta to complete my pokedex. Would someone be willing to trade it for my zacian? Thanks in advance.
  7. Emboar_Rulez

    Appletun And Zamazenta help

    Hey I’m missing two Pokémon for the dex I need a Appletun and a Zamazenta I can also trade back since I doubt you’ll let me keep Zamazenta I can trade a Flapple for Appletun I can trade a fast or love ball for them
  8. Ghost94

    Looking for Zamazenta, offering Zacian

    Hello, hoping to trade my Zacian holding the Rusted Sword for a Zamazenta. If interested please quote and reply to my post here or send me a PM. Thanks. Can also offer Pokémon from my thread here: https://forums.serebii.net/threads/ft-g-max-apricorns-ha-mints-shiny.672143/
  9. Shmiffy

    Finished, thank you!!

    I have full dex, thank you ; w ;
  10. T

    LF: Zamazenta w/ Rusted Shield. Offering Kommo-o, Hydreigon, Stonjourner, G-Max Sandaconda.

    As the title says. Any nature is fine, since mints exist. Must be holding the Rusted Shield. EDIT: I'm now adding a G-Max Sandaconda as well.