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Black 2 Key Link Help

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Justin Galido

New Member
>Can a completed Black 2 and White 2 send keys to a newly created save file of Black 2?

Because I got a completed Black 2 and White 2 (bought both games with pre-existing save files) and a new Black 2 (2nd B2 cartridge) and I wanna play the new game with a challenge but I don't know if it will mess up my new save file if I send keys that are also obtainable in the game eventually.

(i.e. getting Challenge Key right from the start of Black 2 even if I can get it post game in Black 2, getting the Iron Chamber Key before catching Regirock in Black 2)

> Are there any requirements for the cartridge receiving the key?

Because I'm only at the part where I'm about to receive a starter right now.

>Do activating certain keys like the Tower Key affect the story before I get to that area?

Correlated to the question above, if I activate the Tower Key immediately before reaching that area of the game, will that affect things?

(i.e. changing Black City to White Forest immediately from the start in Black 2, activating the Challenge Key, activating the Regice Key before beating Regirock)

Tl; dr -> Can I transfer every single key from a completed B2W2 to a fresh and new B2 save file right off the bat and activate them immediately or would that complicate things?

This is my first time learning about these keys! Cheers!
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