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The Poison Trainer
*A loud bang and purple smoke fills the air! You cough dramaticly but the smoke does not get any thinner. You soon relise it must be smog but there is no way to counter it. Then, a dark shadow emerges. You gasp for air but yellow spots are appearing. You close your eyes....and wake up*

Dramatic! Yeah, I know. Most people would say 'Hello' but I gave you a small passage. :p
Ok, here is a bit about me.
I'm Ben (but call me Weezing)
I live in the North of Ireland and I'm thirteen.
I have a dog (truffles) and I'm a Pokémon fan. (A big one) I'm also in to everything else Nintendo.
I have a wii (if you want my code for it, ask) a DSi and an Ipod touch. (I love music)
Another thing I love in life is Fan-fictions.
Well I'll wrap it all up with- Hello!