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Error: Code 80072EFD

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by #Gecko#, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. #Gecko#

    #Gecko# The Essential One

    I try to install updates for my Windows Vista, but I keep getting the same error every time (80072EFD). I try the Windows website for help, but it just tells me to add certain websites to my firewall if I'm not using Window's Firewall, which I am. I also tried shutting off the firewall then update, but that doesn't work either. It tells me the same error. So, any help?
  2. Maylu Sakurai

    Maylu Sakurai Dawn's ultimate Fan!

    something on your router or your pc might be blocking it have u tried updating from the website to see if u can update
  3. #Gecko#

    #Gecko# The Essential One

    For some reason I was able to do updates again yesterday. I used the shut off with updates option when I saw the updates icon over it and it worked. Error 80072EFD has been there for a while, so the sudden ability to update surprised me. I don't have a router or anything that could have blocked it, but thanks for your help though. My computer is able to upload again so there's no need for this thread.

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