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eye rape!!!

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Shade of Blue
Insert pie here.

http://the-sexbomb-is-here.deviantart.com/ My DA account lol, if you want to add me for some insane reason...
Anyway, this is basically... eye rape. Daily eye rape for all you SPPFers. If you want your eyes to retain their virginity, I would suggest you leave this thread NOW. While you have the chance.

If not, then continue. ^_^

Anyway, I usually just doodle about what's on my mind, although sometimes I will do something serious. I also used to make Fakémon - I've made at least 100 now - but I no longer really have the inspiration to. Then again, I think I've made enough Fakémon as it is. However, I still like drawing them sometimes. I don't usually use color because I no longer have a scanner, therefore I can only take photos with my iPhone of my drawings. However, I could color them if I get a scanner again.

Also, I have a fursona that I can't draw. (SxP drew it for me)
Yeah... I know.

Anyway, onto the eye rape.


Type: Fighting
Evo line: Weighton > Weightran > Weighterra


Type: Fighting
Evo line: Weighton > Weightran > Weighterra


Type: Fighting/Ground
Evo line: Weighton > Weightran > Weighterra

Also, I've barely made any info for these, or if I did, it's been long lost. So if any of you wanna help me on that, feel free. ^_^


This is from a scene is the game "Pokeplace Town V.5", in an epic moment where Po (the Raichu) shields Cookie (the Pichu) from a falling pole which then hits him in the chest, killing him. Eminent (Espeon) and Cookie are crying beside his dead body.
However, mine is not the original version. SpyroXPikachu made a much better version before I did, complete with color and everything. But SxP's version isn't eye rape, so I shouldn't really be putting it here.


This is a small thing I made for the girl I used to like. However, she hated it. So it serves no purpose besides tp rape your poor eyes. So I'm just gonna show you guys. The lyrics are from "Lifeline" by Papa Roach - I know I got part of it wrong, instead of "who can" it's "can you". This is, basically, what I would imagine her fursona to look like. Unfortunately, I got the inspiration from the wrong place and it looks like somebody else's. Oh well.

EDIT: Passed down the line to the next- no, I'm not going there. That would just be weird.


I are watching you.
(This is my experiment with Photoshop Elements, basically.)

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