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Family Times

Discussion in 'Shipping Fics' started by aquakirbyyoshi, Jun 8, 2006.

  1. aquakirbyyoshi

    aquakirbyyoshi ~The Closet Maniac~

    A cliche story of two lovers who live with their parents, and have three kids. Woo Hoo.

    Yeah, I know, maybe this IS overused... but I want to test out to see how well I can write so please don't bash me about that. =/ I write for fun, not for serious business stuff.

    Critique welcomed, though.

    Franticshipping (Ruby x Sapphire ) and slight hints of Prof. Birch x Norman.

    Rated T/PG 13 for slight swearing, suggested themes and slight violence.
    Genre is mainly Humor/Angst and General. Some romance. ^^

    Amethyst, Topaz and Diamond belong to me my sister, YK (Yellow Kirby) x3

    Editted chappie x3 Thanks to Bell


    Chapter 1

    It was a bright Sunday morning in the residence of Littleroot Town. It was the day when the beautiful, talented and smart Amethyst entered her first day of school, kindergarden! Oh, she how she couldn't wait. She totally dreamed of going to school, making new friends, joining after school activites (isn't she too young for that?), playing all day! She sighed dreamily out the window of her lavender colored room. The walls were tinted with splashes of yellow to her liking. The wall had pictures of her parents. Especially ones of her lovely mom.

    Her mom was Sapphire Birch, a famous Professor who took her dad's place because he was getting "too old". She giggled, thinking it was because her grandpa didn't seem that old. Maybe he was such a lazy bum, she thought.

    She admired her mother, alot. Who wouldn't? She was beautiful, intelligent and a very good cook! She improved her cooking skills from the last... few years, though. Ahem. She also was a talented Pokemon battler. She wasn't the Champion of Hoenn after all, though. She decided to take her father's place in his time of need. Amethyst smiled at her mom's kind and thoughtfulness.

    Amethyst yawned and stretched her arms. It was time to get out of bed, just in time for breakfast! She glanced passed the Skitty Clock which read 9:31 A.M. She changed quickly out of her PJ's, into a light sleeveless yellow dress, with a lavender mini jacket and wore brown sandals. She rushed through the bathroom, brushing her medium lengthed brown hair, similiar to her mom's hair style and had a strand of hair sticking out, like her dad. She beamed happily, her magenta eyes showing satisfactory. Finally, she brushed her teeth and left her bedroom.

    Downstairs, there was Sapphire cooking pancakes and muffins. She cringed at the burnt smell of pancakes and quickly turned off the stove. She groaned at the black tinted meal, which supposedly were pancakes. She hung her head down in embarrasment. Today just wasn't her day.

    Yesterday, she was exhausted from all the chasing trying to study a rare shiny Mightyena. She had never seen one before, and wanted to do research on how certain Pokemon has it's unique appearance. She chuckled to herself as she thought of appearance. She dumped the pancakes down the trash can and placed the handful of blueberry muffins on a big plate. The woman sighed and sat on a wooden chair of her dining table.

    Since when she was caught up of appearance? Didn't beauty come from the inside, not the outside? Admittedly, she had been self-concious at times. At a conference, she was pretty worried if she looked too much like she was on drugs, and the rest of the Professors would laugh. They patted her back saying it's okay to look pretty bad, at least all the time she wasn't, eh? Perhaps she was just being ridiculous.

    She laughed out loud and bended her elbows on the table, hands cupping her cheeks. She was pretty dead tired, she need more sleep. Too many sleepless nights. 'How did dad stand staying up long for so many weeks?' She wrly thought. She shrugged it off, heading upstairs to get ready for work.

    While heading down the stairs, Amethyst and her 'annoying' brother Topaz were chasing each other. Topaz screamed in fear as Amethyst was inching closer, and closer to him. He hated her, and loathed her touching him. His mom caught the falling as kid as he fell. He lunged over at her, facing a flustered Amethyst.

    "Mooooom, she was chasing me again!" He whined, clinging onto his mother's grip.

    Sapphire looked like she didn't want to deal with this any longer. She mentally wanted to beat the crap out of her own kids, but no, she did not had the heart to.

    "Amethyst...," she started desperately. "Please stop bugging your little brother..."

    Amethyst cried angrily, "But mommy he's always taking my things!" She pointed her little finger at the accused boy.

    "Because you always touch MY STUFF!!!" He shrieked with tears in of his brown eyes. The tears were dripping along his black and red t-shirt and matching black shorts. He buried his face in his mother's chest and softly cried.

    This literally ****** Amethyst off. He always cried and clung to her parents for comfort and pity. She despised his call for attention. She wished, just wished, he got the same punishments as she did. She pouted and grimaced, ready to shout out her feelings.

    "That's enough Topaz!" Sapphire spatted with fury. "Stop crying, I'm tired of carrying all the stress you AND Amethyst make!"

    Topaz looked up at her with awe. His eyes widened but stopped crying. For once of his life, he was scared of his mom. She put him on the step of the staircase in front of her and glared at the two children.

    "Amethyst, Topaz... please stop fighting. For today." She pleaded, trying to conceal the weakened state of her mind.

    They both looked at each other. Topaz frowned of how much his sister looked like mom. It was creepy, and he didn't think such a great mom will have a child like Amethyst. She was an annoying brat and girly girl. He hated girls like that. In fact, overall, he disliked girls alot.

    Amethyst on the other hand, hated how Topaz was. He would always whine and complain when he's not his quiet old self. He would always bug her to the point she punches him, or to the point she wants him dead. But of course, she did still care about him... he was her brother.

    "For mommy?" Sapphire wrapped her fingers together and giving the puppy eyes look. Their children frown at her sad attempt to make them stop fighting, but gave in anyways.

    "Okay, mommy..." They both said in unison. Sapphire's expression lightened. At least, for one day, she would have peace and quiet. Although, she would be at work most of the time. She continued her steps up the stairs.

    Topaz and Amethyst did nothing but stare at each other for a while. Topaz nervously tapped his left foot and chewed on his lip. Amethyst was have a hard time staying still and glanced at the ceiling, then looking back at the ground.

    "So..." Topaz started. "What should... we do... together?" He regretted saying that as soon as Amethyst smirked at him.

    "Hah, who said we can play with each other? Mommy said no fighting only." She placed her hands on her petite hips.

    Topaz's idea of hanging out with Amethyst diminished. "Whatever." He turned back, heading down stairs for breakfast. 'Sheesh, girls.'

    His sister hesitated, looking a bit confused. She shrugged it off and followed his steps.

    At the afternoon, Ruby sat on his work desk, bored. No, he wasn't bored of designing clothes as his job, but bored of having no one to talk to for a long time. Sure, he had his loving wife but they rarely saw each other due to their careers. His heart sank of the fact at all, he hasn't communicated with his family so much. He shook his head, he did see them, he should be grateful for that. Only at the weekends, but when he had an unplanned meeting, he had to go immediately. When he enters the room with his boss, he sometimes feels like killing him for breaking his life away from his kids. He would be thinking of ways to piss him off. Ruby sighed, he knew his boss had no intentions to place stress on him, but life in the real world sure is a *****.

    He stared at his desk. Cloth, thread, needles and other materials were everywhere. He hated it. He would used to scare the wits out of himself when something was out of order, but he was... kind of used to it now. It still disgusted him that he turned out to be slightly messy. He wanted to be clean, damnit.

    He felt the piece of cloth he was working on. He was to make some shirt for women. It was supposed to have flowers and interesting colors that supposed fitted. He banged his head. Wincing, he placed his head down, trying to relax.

    He sucked when it came to creativity. He did. He didn't know how he got the job as a fashion designer, but he did.

    "The boss hired me for pity, or to be the most crappiest designer in this building to make others look good," he snorted bitterly.

    But his displeasure dissapeared as he thought of Sapphire.

    She was the most encouraging person who supported his dreams of being a designer. True, in the past she dimissed his dreams as a Pokemon Coordinator with harsh words and fights... but she's changed. She finally accepted his beliefs and opinions a few years back.

    Not only that, she was a wonderful woman. Her intelligence and beauty mesmerized his soul. She had a ...cute voice, not those annoying high-pitched voices other ladies had. She was different. One bad quality was that she had a temper for things. He laughed when they encountered each other for the second time. She almost scared him to death with her angry eyes, fangs and tarzarn attire. She would always smack him. He nearly drowned when she was about to toss him in the ocean.

    He loved how he would calm her down with a hug or a kiss, though. He grinned at how she would blush and try to regain her self confidence. She was just so adorable that time, she was.

    Thoughts broke out when his dear, 'beloved' boss entered his room. 'Oh, how lovely.' He sarcastically remarked to himself.

    "Hello, how are you sir?" His boss looked like a business man but with.. style. He has long black hair but appeared to be in his 30's or 40's. He has a mustache, and usually wore colorful outfits. He winced at that fruity colors.

    "Fine, you?" Ruby simply replied. He was surprisingly polite.

    "Good, good..." His expression showed uncertainy and hesitation. Ruby cocked an eyebrow his weird actions today.

    "Say, Ruby. Do you mind taking the day off? No, no, in fact.. two days off. Maybe.. three?" He gulped a bit. Afraid Ruby will freak out and insist on working on more big and better designs for the world to see.

    Ruby was bewildered. He stood up from his chair and stared at his boss with disbelief. He clenched his fists on his desk and hung his jaw open.

    "What...?" He gasped out. "Really...? Three days...?"

    The boss was slightly taken back by his baffled look. "Well, if you like...--"

    "Would LIKE?" Ruby scoffed. His boss blinked.

    "I Would LOVE it, man!" He grinned and clasped his hands together, cheering for joy. Three whole days, with his children--Amethyst, Topaz and Diamond! Not to mention, his beloved Sapphire. Well, for a few hours at least...

    His boss twitched when he emphasized the word, 'man'.

    "Thank you, sir, THANK YOU!" Ruby gathered his belongings, shoving them in his black bag. He quickly shook his boss's hands and glomped him.

    Slammed against the floor, the boss cringed and held a dazed expression.

    "FINALLY OUT OF THIS HELLHOLE! Woo-hoo!" Ruby screamed, echoing through the halls. Everyone came out of their rooms and stared at the man strangely.

    In fact, some of the windows cracked.

    A man took notice of this. "You know, you're paying for that." Ruby took out his wallet and gave his some of his cash.

    "I'm going home, woooooooo!" Tears streamed down of his eyes excitedly. He loved his boss, now. His was glad his boss gave him the opportunity to see his family again! But.. he did glomp him to death, so he doesn't expect another one anytime soon...

    Everyone muttered some things of him being gay, or just mentally retarded and went back to their own business. The boss was still dazed out.

    "Freak..." He managed to mumble.

    'Oh well.'


    End of Chapter 1.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2006
  2. Rider

    Rider . . S K Y L I G H T

    Hiiiii AKY!

    Anyway, I thought this chapter was kind of...different. The problem is that you switch from present tense to past tense, making the errors seem a lot bigger and more prominent. I'll post this up and edit with the errors.

    She wasn't the Champion of Hoenn after all, though. <--that still sounds weird. What were you trying to convey?

    The woman sighed and sat on a wooden chair of her dining table. <---missing the 'a'.

    At a conference, she was pretty worried if she looked too much like she was on drugs, and the rest of the Professors would laugh. <---at a conference is past, and 'the professors laughed' is present. You're also missing the 'like' unless Saph really is on drugs. o_O;; Either way, you'd have to add something.

    He lunged below him, facing a flustered Amethyst. <--Belowed isn't a word I don't think. And, Topaz lunged underneath himself? Or should that 'him' be a 'her'?

    You need to use these brackets. [ ] there are more of these kind of mistakes, but I didn't bother to point them all out, because they're all the same.

    Angrily has one L

    1st way)He shrieked with tears coming out of his brown eyes
    2nd way)He shrieked, with tears in his brown eyes.

    Changed from past to present, and you forgot the 's' after feel.

    Thinking is past tense, so you need the sentence to be like this--

    He would be thinking of ways to piss him off.

    So yeah, that's all I bothered to take a look at, otherwise, what I meant by different, is that, you've got Saph and Ruby married and kids and *scream* all that good stuff. Anyway, this was a good story altogether, the past/present tense changes only bothered me after awhile, but they didn't take away from me enjoying the chapter. And I hope you don't mind, but I'ma gonna steal the description 'fruity colors' from you. XD Jk. It was a great way to imagine how the boss looked, though... that wouldn't quite be my definition of stylish...

    Yup, the chapter was long, which is really good, but I have a question. Is Amethyst and Topaz going to be the main concentration of the story? Or is Ruby/Saph? And, why did Ruby's boss let him have the days off? Or is that just something that needed to happen to help the story along? Or will it be explained later? Ahahaha, lotza questions, but I personally love answering questions for fics. Besides, I'm curious, and I'll be waiting for the next chappie to come out!

    WHEW! DONE! You can read it all now.

    P.S.--First Review!!! *dances*
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2006
  3. aquakirbyyoshi

    aquakirbyyoshi ~The Closet Maniac~

    Hello =D

    Different.. what do you mean?

    I did? Er, wow, that's new. XD

    EDIT: Er, wow. I'll go fix those. XD Thanks.

    EDIT: Edit again? Wow. Well, I answered those questions through the PM. X3

    But for the rest of readers (or future readers). This story is basically about Ruby and Sapphire's going through as parents, struggling with kids, and all the junk. Their kids and their parents also play a role in the story, talking about what they go through. Even Steven plays a role in their household. XD

    This story was supposed to be like only 2-3 chapters long, but yeah, I may make it longer. x3;

    Last Edit for this post XD

    Chapter 2

    Looking ahead of the road, Sapphire continued driving through the grassy route near Littleroot Town. She was driving Amethyst to her first day of school of kindergarden. She was five years old, and filled with spirit. She would never hesistate to share her ideas to everyone, and doesn't mind showing it off to people. Sapphire smiled and looked straight at the mirror above her, seeing Amethyst trying to hold her excitement.

    Oh boy, school! How she would dream of everyday! She couldn't believe her magnificent mother has never gone to school yet! What a sad life she led, never making any friends, Amethyst thought sadly. Her mom told her she was homeschooled by her own father, but he didn't teach her how to read or write! She was still really smart after all and easy to teach! In no time, she learned how to be use legible handwriting and read.

    'It was too bad Topaz and Diamond weren't going to see their sister go to school', Sapphire frowned. She pondered why, and laugh half-heartedly that her brother doesn't like her at all. Diamond was very shy and didn't like to be around kids... Topaz was a little bit shy too, but not as much as Diamond. She guessed it would be fitting Amethyst to go to school first. She was five years old, Topaz was four, and Diamond was three.

    "Welcome to Oldale Town," whispered Amethyst softly as she saw the sign disappear from her view.

    "Yep, Oldale Town. Just through Petalburg Woods, we'll be at your school, 'kay?" Sapphire replied thoughtfully. Her daughter squealed in delight.

    "Yay! School, here I come!" She pumped her fists into the air. The bump on the road caused her to jump up and hit the roof of the small jeep, though.

    "Owww... my head...," she groaned. She rubbed her hands through her thin silky hair.

    "Are you okay?" Sapphire stopped the vehicle. They were near the entrance of Oldale Town, in Petalburg woods. The forest was tree-filled and was pretty dark, even at daytime.

    She approached the girl with care and bent over.

    "Yeah, mommy... my head just.. kinda hurts...," she mumbles and forced her tears back in her eyes.

    Sapphire unbuckled the child's seatbelt and carefully picked her daugher up. She then carried her in her arms and kissed her forehead.

    "Do you still want to go to school?" Concernly, she patted her back.

    Amethyst gasped loudly. "Of course I do, mommy!" She stopped rubbing her head and clenched her fists in determination. Her tears stopped dripping and she had a serious smile. Sapphire was slightly shocked, but recovered quickly. She did have most of her genes, after all.

    "I'm not going to let this bump on my head stop me!" She pointed it out, which was kind of red. "Okay, mommy?" She tugged her mother's arm. She ignored the pain, but slightly winced. She didn't want her mom to worry about her so much, she thought she was old enough to take care of herself. Plus, she really waited for this day to come.

    She admired her young child's way of brushing away pain, and stubbornness. It reminded her of interesting husband.

    Her mother chuckled. "As you wish Amethyst, as you wish." She lead her back to her seat, buckled her seatbelt, and sat on her own comfortable seat. She didn't care buckling her own because she ... didn't need it.

    She turned her silver keys and drove where the wind carried them.


    The man slammed the door open with arms wide open, ready to embrace the people who he loved. He grinned happily and scanned for his family members in the living room. Aha, he caught Topaz and Diamond! The messy-dark haired boy Topaz, rushed toward his father hugging him tightly. He had jumped in his arms, wanting to feel all his warmth and smell his distinctive scent. He had missed his dad alot, and wanted the moment to last long.

    Diamond, the light brunette could only but smiled at the 'Father and Son' moment. She rarely got to see them because her father had so much work to do. She was confused why he was home early... wouldn't he get in trouble? 'I should ask him.'

    She turned her wheels of her wheel-chair toward the loving boys and looked up brightly.

    "Why are you home, daddy?" She had a very cute voice, much like an innocent girl would. He dropped Topaz on the floor, but he landed with ease, smiling. Diamond appeared to have blue eyes, wore a light pinkish-white creamy dress with darkbrown boots. Her hair was also short, but has light brown hair, a bit black, too. Her hair was a great mixture both Ruby's and Sapphire's, but she didn't have a strand of hair sticking out unlike her other two siblings.

    "Yeah, why are ya, dad?" His eyes shining, perking up. "Huh, huh, huuuuh?"

    Ruby grinned and suddenly grabbed Topaz with one arm and grabbed Diamond off her chair with the other, spinning them around as he runs in circles. He skipped like a little kid with the laughing children.

    "Dad, what are you doing?!" Topaz giggled, enjoying the air he's getting.

    "My boss gave me THREE days off!" He replied cheerfully. Jumping up and down, his kids screamed, soon becoming shocked and dazed by his excessive energy than he usually had.

    "That's soooooo awesome, dad!" Topaz declared and opened his eyes happily, out of being dazed. Ruby dropped his both kids on the ground.

    "Daddy! That's shwo cool!" Diamond was obviously happy, she never hanged out with her dad the whole day before. She imagined him taking her for ice cream, going to Ratatta's Park and watching television! She placed her hands on her cheeks smiling.

    'So cooool!'

    Topaz smirked at Diamond's cheerful mood, and who wouldn't? Their dad is finally going to hang out with them! To bad Amethyst is missing this opportunity because of her oh-so precious school! Why should she care about dad?

    She always saying 'Daddy's weird' and clinging onto 'Mommy' --claiming she's 'the best in the whole wide world.' He would roll his eyes at her sheer arrogance and only sharing her love to mom, not dad. He need love, too. That's why he's going to spend the whole three days with him. Diamond, tagging along, of course.


    Meanwhile upstairs, old retired Professor Birch was snoozing his butt on his comfy bed with messy white bed sheets covering his whole body. He was dreaming of wife, again.

    He saw himself running through endless halls in a hospital searching, reaching, and longing for the love of his life. The bulky man ran slower, and slower, matching his movements of his old lab coat. He stared down at his feet to see them taking forever to take a step. Filled with sorrow and despair, he stopped running and collasped. He gave up, reaching for his wife was never going to succeed.

    He should get over her...

    What kind of man can get over a loosing such a perfect wife? She had long, flowy brown hair, stunning emerald eyes, an attractive body, and a sweet soul. Very kind, gentle, a bit naive, just... like Sapphire was, when she was a little girl.

    She had life through her laughs, cries, and pain. She would spread love to the ones she cared the most. Taking home a lonely Pokemon like a poochyena, was one of her good deeds. It turned out, it belonged to a mentally scarred trainer who's been awfully abused. Once he saw his poochyena in her arms, his eyes widened with hope. She returned it to him, making another child happy.

    He would hold her close when she's sad, returning a grateful smile. He would always too.

    Becoming tense as he heard footsteps appearing before him, he looked up seeing a familiar face. His figure was shadowy, but he could make out of it. The figure was obviously a man, and he had some familiar appearance of someone he knew... black hair, red baggy eyes, tall, wore a long-sleeved jacket....

    He reached his hand toward the old man, the old professor shocked with his sudden approach.

    It was...

    "Ouch!" The old man yelped, tumbling off his bed, tangled with his bed sheets. He rubbed his eyes and the blurriness disappeared. One who appeared next to him was him.

    He was the man in his dream.

    "Heh, isn't it too late to sleep, you fat ***?" The man snorted, with arms crossed over his chest. His baggy eyes showing mockery, his tall figure made to intimidate others, and his deep voice to scare the wits out of some loser kid.

    Birch untangled himself from the bedsheets and placed them back neatly on the bed. He turned around looking back, gazing at the man with an annoyed look.

    "I recall you sleeping for two days straight from that rave party, stupid drunk...," he mumbled wryly. He soon smirked as soon as Norman shot a death glare.

    Birch shrugged and sat on his bed, looking around at his crowded room. Walls were white, there was two small bunk beds which Norman and his wife sleep in, while he sleeps in his own bed. Norman and his wife decided to move in ever since his daughter and his son were married. Unfortunetly, he disliked Norman alot. Same goes for his son.

    What's even worse than his precious daughter marrying that son of a ***** was that he had to share his room with the *****.

    He noticed Norman staring at him with a puzzled expression. Birch looked up.

    "So, what do you want, Norman?" He hissed with a bit of humor in his voice.

    Norman saw where this was going. He tapped his fingers on his crossed arms and gave Birch a knowing look.

    "Nothing, *****."

    Chaos has ensued. First, Bit--errr, Birch tackled the poor Gym Leader onto the ground, his weight squishing his thing body. He placed a few punches on his chest, then one on his jaw. He wasn't bleeding, but he wasn't really seriously hitting that hard, that Norman had expected. The man had enough of this stupidity, pushed him aside and kicked the fat man's in the ***.

    "Meh, we always do this you know." Norman brushed himself up, stood and about to walk off. Stupid old guy.

    "Yeah, like old times? Eh?" Birch faintly smiled, rubbing his sore back.. not to mention, his sore butt too.

    Old times. That word gave him a memory lane down to hell.

    Norman scoffed and lets his arms fall against his body. "Yeah, old times..." He suddenly felt a rush of guilt and despair.

    It was true, Norman and Birch were best friends, ever since they were in high school. Birch would always help Norman whenever he was in deep ****, like assignments he didn't finish. Birch was pretty damn smart and wouldn't mind sneaking a few answers to his great buddy, whom used to listen to his problems. They were both happy they can express their troubles to each other with no real problem. Sometimes, they argued. They did have certain preferences. Norman had to admit, Birch was a big pervert back in those days. He would try to hit on girls, but would always get a lunch tray smashed onto his face, or slammed with a text book. He would always laugh at him, but have pity for the poor bulky teen.

    Reaching for the door knob, he looked back at the retired professor. He seemed to be lost with own thoughts, too. He looked up at Norman, feeling a bit flustered. The Gym Leader grew suspicious.

    "Hey, Norman..." Birch felt a lump in his throat, and fiddled with his fingers nervously.

    Norman turned back, trying not to look too interested.


    "...Why did we became enemies?"


    End of Chapter 2.
    Last edited: Jun 8, 2006
  4. DeM0NaRUt0

    DeM0NaRUt0 Never Alone

    dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn....ending a chapter with a question? where's the answer?

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