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i$e CreMe Man
So I've prettymuch got my SS team set:

Entei (later switch to Ho-oh)

but I can't decide on a 6th pokemon!

The first four are set in stone but I'm thinking maybe scratch Entei/Ho-oh in favor of Houndoom, but that still leaves me with 5 =/

I've still got all my access to legendaries and I've considered maybe Houndoom and Latios to round out the team but I just don't know.

Any suggestions?

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King of the Wooper
Can i suggest you post your movesets?

Might be worth considering some form of ghost/psychic/dragon as you dont have any of those types, although you have no weaknesses to poison would be useful for fighting types though.
Any of the flying dragons using aerial ace could be good also.

So to me any psychic (espeon possibly as you have only one "fast" pokemon) or Dragonite/Salamence

Very much depends on what moves you're using though.


From Zero To Hero
Post the planned movesets or else we can't help you.

Terry. T.

One and Only...
I strongly suggest you go here, you clearly haven't.

Terry. T.

One and Only...
How about somebody just close this? Already sent 1 report D: