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Please Help!


Well-Known Member
Well ive NEVER ever seen a shiny in the wild... so i gave up on that and decided to breed. I duno if its just me but i noticed if you get a egg in my Ruby/Sapphire to 1 step left and soft reset each hatch you get different genders, natures, and eventually shinys :). This never worked for me in Diamond =/.
So anyway i ended up getting a few shinys that im willing to trade As well as my tons of bred things from Diamond. Please try to give me fair trades.

What im looking for:

1.Female, Impish OR Jolly Turtwig lv 1-10 (OR to save me time, a Naive or Jolly Turtwig Male OR Female w/ Seed Bomb)

2.Shiny Jolly or Adamant Gible

3.Shiny Timid or Modest Gastly

4. TMs for Earthquake, Stone Edge, or Thunder Wave

What i got:

Any starter you want, some pokemon you can only get one of, such as rilou...

Shinys: Evee x2, Aron, Feebas, Trapinch all lv 5, lv 62 shiny Gyrados fed enhanching items like proteins and stuff.

Legends: (most i have is lv 100... so u prolly dont want it) Ask if you want tho, no Arceus Shaymin Darkrai Cresselia or Palkia though

For TMs and stuff request and ill see if i have it...
Anyway please try to help me out. Ill probably be generous for the turtwig!