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Sun and Moon Appreciation Thread

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So this week the first episode of the new series comes out and I wanted to take a look back at the previous controversial series and the things about it that I loved.
WARNING: This thread is for sharing the things you loved and appreciated about SM, no need to drag down any other series or hate on it to praise SM. This shouldn't be turned into another flame war. Also if you hate SM, stay away from this thread coz i dont wanna hear any condescending negativity, this is to share the things we love about the series.

Anyways here's the things i i loved about it
First of all i love Ash's personality this series. I was so worried that he would regress but he didn't. While I'm not fond of his design I love his personality so much, this type of personality from him had been missing for far too long. I liked the comedic and relaxed and laid back approach to the series, Pokemon is at its best in this elements. I loved how they broke the traditional status quo a lot, i loved how fillers were enjoyable and interesting and weren't the same old formula. I love how there weren't many CoTD or PoTD, the continuity was amazing. I love bewear. I love how TR have been the best since so many series here and how their entire arc and Pokemon were so wholesome. I love professor kukui and Burnet and their parent dynamic with Ash. I love his companions. Considering how many they were i think they handled them excellently. I love kiawe personality so much , his dynamic with Ash and his whole arc. My fav male companion and imo strongest. Lillie was adorable, i loved how they handled her PTSD, her arc with snowy, the entire aether family dynamic with gladion lusamine Lillie and them being actually a family, and i just wish she evolved snowy too. I like lana a lot and her water type arc was handled better than misty imo and the only complaint i have is that eevee didn't evolve into vaporeon or at the very least learn splishy splash. I loved Sophocles too despite his late development, vikavolt is amazing. And mallow, people dislike mallow coz she didn't have much development but i dont. I really think she was so adorable and one of my fav pokegirls, and her mother - shaymin arc was beautiful. Shaymin was meant to symbolise her gratitude to her mother so it leaving when her family reunited, with her mother's eyes was so beautiful.
I love Ash's team and imo its his best team. Nagandel despite its short stay and offscreen evolution was adorable and im glad it kept it's personality after evolving. Rowlet is amazing! It's funny done proper while being very competent. Incineroar, i love his arc and how his evolution symbolised him taking the champion belt. Melmetal is amazing and one of Ash's most interesting Pokemon for me. Lycanroc had an amazing arc. And PEAKachu oof.
I loved how ash won the alola league , how he had a great rivalry with gladion who developed besides just being Ash's rival, I loved how he kamehameha'd tapu koko, my fav ash pikachu moment and imo his best feat. I love how except for ultra recon squad every game character made it in (even Sina and dexio in a way) and i love how a series starting on so much hate ended on such a heartwarming positive note!
Share your appreciations :)


I draw tiny drawings of pokemon :9
Love letter to SM <3

I will talk about the most hated in this series which is probably my favorite: the animation style.

I know Pikachu has gone viral with some strange faces (c’mon, frame to frame animation style isn’t made for screenshots), but each pokemon had its personality shining in SM. The wind blowing in Howlet’s plumages, Tortunator’s shell explosions that burst in its chests, and the perfect balance between heaviness and fluidity in Melmetal’s movements, are just a few examples of the attention given to tiny details in animation - something that was only possible (in a logistical way) after simplifying the glowing shonen style of XY (also one of the best the anime had).

Also because of this style choice, the biodiversity of Alola shows in every chance they had. The art crew was not afraid to put pokemon in every corner of the screen, turning many wild pokemon into recurring character (they even brought back the most iconic recurring wild pokemon character, Jigglypuff!).


Deluded Dreamer
I totally agree. The change in the artstyle was necessary to bring about the SM theme and lifestyle, bring the characters to life, out of context screenshots doesn't mean ****. The animation was beautiful too.


Just going through twitter and seeing old screenshots reminds me how much I love the characters and just general vibe of the show. I could go into all sorts of details but suffice to say it's the kind of show where I know I can turn on almost any random episode and have a good time just because the cast and world is so vibrant and fun. Which is definitely something I intend to do going forward to cope with it being over, lol.


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There's an SM-as-a-whole discussion thread in the Episode Discussion forum.
Or at least there will be when I poke Serebii and remind him to create it.
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