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Writing Tips Thread


It's time for hot girl summer
Staff member
Having trouble coming up with the right words for a plot or sign-up? Or maybe simply looking to improve? This is the place for you!

This thread is for:
  • Asking for writing tips pertaining to roleplaying (not really a homework help thread if that's what you were hunting)
  • Getting your paragraphs reviewed and checked by other members
  • Asking for suggestions to improve/strengthen your writing
  • This thread also acts as a sign-up review thread. Allowing you to post sign-ups for roleplays that ended up with a pending or denied.
Small suggestions prior to posting
  • Microsoft Word and it's free cousins (like Google Docs) have spell/grammar check functions. It is in your best interest to make use of these tools prior to posting (type a plot/post/sign-up on one of those first to catch errors)
  • As my professors say: proofread! Reading your own writing once again (and sometimes even aloud) allows you to catch errors you may have missed on a first go by.