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  1. Mismage

    Kee Berry wanted!

    Hallo! Anyone can give me a Kee Berry? I have other berries to give you guys back and some Pokémon you may want! I will be rather than pleased if you are interested in caring for a Misdreavus on a Master Ball. Thank you all in advance.
  2. F

    LF:Transfer only HAs, FT: Transfer only HAs and more

    Hi everyone, I am on a quest to collect all possible hidden abilities in Gen 6. Can a kind soul trade me one of the following in any ball: Shieldon, Soundproof Cranidos, Sheer Force Hippopotas, Sand Force Basculin (blue), Mold breaker Basculin (red), Mold breaker Pumpkaboo (Super...
  3. NovaBrunswick

    Berry names

    Have you ever noticed that some of the Berries in the Pokémon world are named after real-life fruits? However, to keep it a little less obvious, they often have the letters rearranged or miss some out. Here are some examples of Berries and the real-world fruit they're named for: Pinap Berry =...
  4. NintendoChannel64

    Looking for: Petaya Berry

    The Petaya berry is pretty rare in Gen 7, and I need one for my competitive Ledian. For it, I'll trade you 2 Bottle Caps. Thanks for reading this, I hope to hear some responses!