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Berry names


Canada Connoisseur
Have you ever noticed that some of the Berries in the Pokémon world are named after real-life fruits? However, to keep it a little less obvious, they often have the letters rearranged or miss some out. Here are some examples of Berries and the real-world fruit they're named for:

  • Pinap Berry = pineapple
  • Nanab Berry = banana
  • Oran Berry = orange
  • Razz Berry = raspberry
  • Tamato Berry = tomato (yes, that's a fruit! :D)
  • Rawst Berry = strawberry
  • Cheri Berry = cherry
  • Pecha Berry = peach
  • Grepa Berry = grape
  • Bluk Berry = blackberry
Have you found any other similarities between Pokémon Berries and their real-life counterparts?


Eh, ragazzo!
The Magosteen berry is named after mangosteens.

Though not related to a Pokemon berry, there are also guavasteens IRL.

I have some guavasteens in my backyard right now.


The Dragon Lord
Essentially every berry is named after a real world fruit or vegetable. The only one that isn't is the Enigma Berry. If you can't figure them all out, Bulbapedia has the name origin for every berry.


Canada Connoisseur
The Magosteen berry is named after mangosteens.

But now that we have a mangosteen Pokémon (Bounsweet), when people eat mangosteens in the Pokémon world, are they eating Mago Berries or Bounsweet? *thinking emoji*


I find their English names quirky compared to their Japanese names. I will admit that with a few exceptions, I hardly ever use Berries in my games, nor do I usually grow any.