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  1. ImBeVillain

    Gen VIII Pokemon for Ash - voting list

    I made a second voting list, this time it's for the Pokémon of the current generation. I didn't add basic and first stage pokemon so I didn't want to add too much, so I made only fully evolved pokemon instead. If a Pokemon is missing from the list that you would like to vote for, write comments...
  2. ImBeVillain

    Old gen pokemon for Ash - voting list

    This is my first voting list, first I'd like to know which Pokemon has the best chance at Ash's hand. First, I made a list of a few pokemons that in my opinion are more likely to be with Ash, but these are only from older generations (from Johto to Alola). Close vote will after 10 days. I will...
  3. L

    Shiny Hunting Problem?

    Hey guys, I've been shiny hunting a ponytail on Route 17 in Lets Go Eevee and am having no luck, so wanted advice. I have a catch combo of around 36 (know I only had to get to 31, but was so bored I kept going eventually) and I've been using lures. I've moved to new patches a few times, as have...
  4. Kirby Dragons

    New Ways to Find/Catch Pokémon

    You walk over the tall grass, and you might encounter a Pokémon. That's standard. But tall grass isn't the only place this can happen; you can also have wild encounters in caves or on water. You can also force encounters with fishing, and there have been multiple ways to find Pokémon from trees...
  5. shadefalcon

    Shiny Timid Drowzee/Hypno trade?

    Hello all, I have many good high IV shinies for trade. Just recently I SoS'ed for a Shiny Drowzee, but was Synchronizing for a Relaxed nature, and instead god Timid. If anyone has a Relaxed Drowzee/Hypno with the ability "Forewarn" please send me a PM to discuss a trade, it would be most...