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  1. vondecayle

    Favorite pokemon contest rival?

    Who is your favorite contest rival and why?
  2. Bendicion

    How do you feel about May's first ribbon win?

    "In the episode "Come what May" May wins her first ribbon against Grace, a COTD. However, I feel like May was extremely overpowered. I don't have a problem with May winning against people who are more experienced than she is. That's to be expected in shows like this. I have a problem with the...
  3. Spider-Phoenix

    About Serena, Palermo and change of plans

    Ok, since we are on hiatus with new content for the show, I've suddently found myself remembering some of the things we've seen already. Specifically, I'm talking about Serena's goal and Palermo's role on getting Serena to decide her past post-series. Serena's goal on XY always intrigued me...