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  1. Bimby

    SWSH LF Diancie (any) FT Zamazenta, Spectrier, Assorted Shinies

    I am looking to complete my Pokédex, and all I need is Diancie. This trade would take place in SWSH. The following Shines are up for trade. Treecko Golduck Ponyta(Kanto). Let me know if interested. I can applyNature Mints, Ability patch/Capsule, and Hyper Training per your request.
  2. Fushigiso

    LF: Zeraora FT: Diancie

    Hello all, I unfortunately missed the Zeraora USUM event. Is there somebody out there who has some (legit) spares and is willing to trade them? FT: (legit) Diancie event Pokemon (OT: Hope, from the ORAS event) My 3DS FC: 1134-7011-4017 Thanks so much in advance for helping me out, if you want...
  3. A

    Mythical trades

    Hi, to complete my dex, I'm looking for the following mythicals: Mew Celebi Darkrai Shaymin Arceus Victini Keldeo Meloetta Genesect Diancie Hoopa Magearna Marshadow Zeraora I have the following to trade (1 or more): Shiny Jirachi Shiny Terrakion Meowth event G-max Eternatus Type: Null Shiny...
  4. D

    LF: Diancie FT: Meltan among other Mythicals!

    Hello! I'm looking for Diancie and Marshadow I have multiple Pokemon for trade that I've collected over the years, all of course are legit and as follows: Mythical: Mew, Celebi, Deoxys, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo, Genesect, Hoopa, Magearna and Meltan Shiny event Legendaries: Raikou and...
  5. Yggdrassal

    LF Diancie

    Hey, I'm looking for a diancie. Level, nature, IVs, etc. are not important. I'm offering a Hoopa (lv 50, Lonely) for trade. If there is something else you are looking for instead, feel free to ask, but I can't guarantee anything other than the Hoopa. I'm typically free to trade evenings and...
  6. M

    [LF] Relaxed, Quiet or Sassy Diancie [FT] Lots of things!

    EDIT: CLOSED Hi! Looking for a specific Diancie. Nature must be relaxed or Quiet (or sassy) ! In return i can give: Events: Steven's shiney Beldum 11214 Shiney Jirachi (event 2014) ID 12014 Shaymin DO: film11, ID 04019 Modeste Charizard Shiney OT: PRINT2015 Calm Mew Impish (20th anniversary)...