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discord issues

  1. X

    Banned on Discord?

    Hello, I noticed that I was banned from the discord and I don't really know why, nor was I given any warning or questioned about anything beforehand. My username is Xerotripz#5637. I think I deserve a chance to defend myself or atleast get warned before just being banned? I'm pretty sure my last...
  2. A

    Banned on discord?

    Hi, it seems that I got banned from the discord server. Discord name = Armend (0275-3338-1905) #3906 As I have not seen any message regarding my ban, I am not sure what the reason of this ban is. Regardless I apologize for any inconvinience and hope this matter can get solved, as I really...
  3. I

    Banned from discord?

    Your name: iceman440#8834 Your host: Chatroom: Discord Operator in question: Anyone? Kick message: No message Time and date: Like 2 hrs ago Logs: Unavailable. Not sure why I was kicked. I got no message or warning
  4. C

    Discord Ban??

    Your name: CrimsonFcker#4341 Your host: N/A Chatroom: Discord Operator in question: Not sure. Was offline and when I came back I couldn’t get back on. Kick message: No message Time and date: 11/24/2019 at around (maybe) 12pm to 2pm Central Time Zone (USA) Logs: I don't have the logs because I’m...
  5. S

    Banned from discord?

    this apparently happened sometime in the last 2 days... idk when because i wasn't even online when it happen. i was given no warning... or explanation.. i just woke up today and i cant find the serebii discord on my app, and when i try to rejoin it it says i am "banned" can i ask what exactly...
  6. G

    Unable to join Discord: Invite expired

    Hi! I have been using Serebii discord without any problem until today. For some reason it seems I was kicked out and if I try to join back I get the following message “Invite expired: the instant invite is invalid or has expired” Is anyone else experiencing this same issue? How could I get it...
  7. Ceriv

    Ban: How long?

    Aloha. Title says it all. I was banned from the discord chat without a warning and would like to know if i will get unbanned and how long the ban will last. Thanks in advance.
  8. G

    Banned/Kicked from Discord

    Can someone please tell/show me why i can not go on the discord server? The invite doesnt work.