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  1. X

    Banned on Discord?

    Hello, I noticed that I was banned from the discord and I don't really know why, nor was I given any warning or questioned about anything beforehand. My username is Xerotripz#5637. I think I deserve a chance to defend myself or atleast get warned before just being banned? I'm pretty sure my last...
  2. A

    Banned on discord?

    Hi, it seems that I got banned from the discord server. Discord name = Armend (0275-3338-1905) #3906 As I have not seen any message regarding my ban, I am not sure what the reason of this ban is. Regardless I apologize for any inconvinience and hope this matter can get solved, as I really...
  3. O

    Unwarned Ban

    I was banned without warning or message explaining why . If i ask it's because idk how it could happend . I'm kinda lost on forums tell me if it's not posted in the good place ,Thanks .
  4. FlamebirdXZ

    Ban from Discord Server Apology

    Hi, I was banned from the discord server. My discord name is Vixrin #2688. I posted an offer for a shiny wishmkr jirachi and shiny mew on the trade channel. I realize these trades are considered illegal and I would like to offer a sincere apology. I promise to abide by all the rule moving...
  5. I

    Banned from discord?

    Your name: iceman440#8834 Your host: Chatroom: Discord Operator in question: Anyone? Kick message: No message Time and date: Like 2 hrs ago Logs: Unavailable. Not sure why I was kicked. I got no message or warning
  6. R

    How long are Discord bans?

    Asking for a friend lol
  7. C

    Discord Ban??

    Your name: CrimsonFcker#4341 Your host: N/A Chatroom: Discord Operator in question: Not sure. Was offline and when I came back I couldn’t get back on. Kick message: No message Time and date: 11/24/2019 at around (maybe) 12pm to 2pm Central Time Zone (USA) Logs: I don't have the logs because I’m...
  8. S

    Chaos League

    Hello all! A bit late into the Gen, but a pokemon league has always been a dream of mine. Currently, this is for Gen VII, but we will extend to Gen VIII as it drops. Basically: We are a VGC league for players of all skill level. We have rotating Gym leaders (with specific methods on how to...
  9. SylveonAesthetic

    Unable to join Serebii Discord server

    Whenever someone invites me or I click the official link, it says it’s invalid or expired. I don’t understand why, & need to talk to staff/mod to see what’s going on. I don’t think I was banned, but if I was, I would like to know why, considering I like never post. I just need to know what’s...