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  1. Okami Kujiza

    LF Getting Eevees w/The Natures I Seek

    LF: <Eevee - Jolly Nature Vaporeon - Bold & Modest Nature Jolteon - Timid Nature Flareon - Adamant & Calm Nature - Espeon - Timid Nature Umbreon - Calm Nature Leafeon - Adamant Nature Glaceon - Modest Nature Sylveon - Modest Nature Lowest level if possible Fire stone, water stone, thunder...
  2. Paige712

    3 Alt art Evolving Skies box.

    I’m in shock lol. I think I got a god box.
  3. canisaries


    Yo! It's time for another story in this rather loosely PMD world. This time we're in a completely different nook of the world, so don't worry if you haven't read Pletora's Story, as there are no crucial links between the two. Just like Pletora's Story, though, this'll be only a couple parts long...
  4. A

    Realistic 3D Animation - Umbreon: Dark Pulse

    Hi Poke'fans. I'm a 3D animator by trade and a long (long!) term fan of the Pokemon franchise. Recently I've been working on some realistic Pokemon animations which I thought this group might be interested in. My latest one is of the dark Eeveelution, Umbreon. You can see the full animation...