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  1. AgentKallus

    Form Difference Faceoff (30 minute cooldown)

    Following the same logic as my regional form face-off, lets do a form difference face-off. Same rules as in that face off, 1 vote per post, wait the time in the post title between votes and don't vote twice in a row. first to reach the maximum number wins, the value of the maximum is dependant...
  2. AgentKallus

    Regional Variant Versus Original (2 hour cooldown) Legends Spoilers

    Which is better the regional variant or the original, you decide! Simply add one point to either side, until one side reaches 15. Kanto Weezing 0/15 Galar Weezing 0/15
  3. AgentKallus

    Famous Historical Figures-Final Match (30 Minute Cooldown)

    In this thread Famous historical figures will face-off until only one reamian Rules: I'll decide how I want this face-off to work depending on how many Nominations there are. Nominations: Each SPPF member may nominate up to 8 famous historical figures. Since it's historical figures only...
  4. Genaller

    SPPF Character Face-Off Champion League

    Welcome to the SPPF Champion Characters Face-Off! This will be a face-off exclusively comprised of winners of other character based face-offs in SPPF. The criteria for determining the participants went as follows: The character must currently be a champion of a face-off in SPPF. The iteration...
  5. mehmeh1

    Western Cartoon Face-off II (Avatar: The last Airbender vs Looney Tunes! Character Face-off)

    (mostly copy/pasted from @keepitsimple 's Western Cartoon faceoff) First we'll nominate cartoons to face off, and then they'll face off against each other 1 vs 1 in voting format. the first one to 12 points (15 in the finals) wins the round and advances to the final. I'll post the rules of...
  6. N

    Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Face-Off

    Hello, and welcome to a new, exciting Yu-Gi-Oh Face-Off thread! This game will initially operate under the rules of nominations! Upon decided nominations, the OP will be updated accordingly as to how this game will work. Without further ado, the following rules apply regarding nominations...
  7. AgentKallus

    Animated movie face off (4 hour cooldown)

    Uh yeah I made this thing. According to rotten tomatoes Chicken Run is the 21st best animated film of all time. Nominate a maximum of idk 10 animated movies, after a decent number I'll start the face off. Rules -Uh These things tend to have cooldowns and 4 is my favourite number so we'll...
  8. keepitsimple

    Pokemon Anime Face-Off IV

    Welcome to the 4th installment of the Pokemon Anime Face-Off! Currently: Favourite Moments [Click here for rules] Next: This is a thread where Face-Offs related to the Pokemon anime will be hosted. We host Face-Offs between the characters, episodes, seasons, battles and so on. Usually I'll...
  9. keepitsimple

    Western Cartoon Face-Off - Final Round (1 hour cooldown)

    So this will function similar to the SPPF Member Face-Off did. First we'll nominate cartoons to face off, and then they'll face off against each other 1 vs 1 in voting format. the first one to 12 points wins the round and advances to the final. I'll post the rules of voting when we get there...