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gen 6

  1. FloatzieDPPT

    What was your team in X/Y?

    My team was: Greninja Charizard (X) Meowstick Lucario Florges Tyrantrum
  2. F

    LF:Transfer only HAs, FT: Transfer only HAs and more

    Hi everyone, I am on a quest to collect all possible hidden abilities in Gen 6. Can a kind soul trade me one of the following in any ball: Shieldon, Soundproof Cranidos, Sheer Force Hippopotas, Sand Force Basculin (blue), Mold breaker Basculin (red), Mold breaker Pumpkaboo (Super...
  3. C

    Need an Anticipation Eevee but...

    I don't know where to post this since there doesn't seem to be a general trade thread. I need an anticipation Eevee but on ORAS. I accidentally imported all of mine to Pkmn HOME and now I can't make a Hyper Voice Sylveon ;( I have a bunch of legendaries and a couple Shiny Pokemon I can trade...
  4. NovaBrunswick

    Which Kalos starter did you choose?

    Which starter did you choose in X and Y? I chose Fennekin, since as I said in the other starter threads, I've chosen the Fire starter in every generation since Gen 3. He's now a Delphox.
  5. Emboar_Rulez

    How would you rank the Pokémon champions from strongest to weakest?

    What champion was a total pushover and which one took you several tries to beat?
  6. Emboar_Rulez

    Inverse Battles

    Does anyone remember the inverse house in X and Y where you could have a battle where type effectiveness was reversed?I thought they were a fun twist.Do you guys want them to return and did you guys enjoy them?
  7. ◇ Cosmonaut ◇

    Evalulating and Rethinking Kalos

    I started Pokemon X with little knowledge of types, movesets, items, and natures. It's my first game that I got quite recently. Unfortunately, I began the game as anyone did- I chose what Pokemon I wanted to catch, left them in the PC, and ended up just buffing it out until Dendeville Town. Then...
  8. KamenusNero

    Trade Evolution Trick?

    So, i saw a really old thread, made way back in 2007, about using the gts to trick the game into evolving your trade evolution pokemon. Does this work still in the later generations (XY, SM, USUM, so on), or has it been fixed?
  9. NintendoChannel64

    Hidden Ability Torchic (Gen 6)

    Hi fellow trainers, I'm looking for an Adamant, Hidden Ability (Speed Boost) Torchic: It needs the TM move 'Hone Claws,' so this can only be achieved by teaching it said move in GEN 6 (XY, ORAS.) If you have/are capable of obtaining an Adamant, Hidden Ability Torchic (w/Hone Claws move) I will...