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  1. F

    Why does Giovanni wear two rings on his left hand in this game?

    I played through the whole game and never noticed it, and only realised he had two rings on his fingers after seeing a picture on Twitter showing his rings (sorry, this site doesn’t let me post pictures or a link to the pic for some reason). What do you think those are? Is the emerald one a...
  2. F

    My theory on why Giovanni is in the PWT in Pokémon BW2

    So, we all know that Giovanni is in the Kanto Leaders tournament in the PWT instead of Blue, who instead competes in the Champions tournament. The question is: why is a wanted man allowed to participate in the PWT? My personal headcanon is that after being defeated by the player in the Kanto...
  3. Venia Silente

    Overlord ["Criminal Intent" Contest, 2015]

    Good time-of-day, my dear readers, and welcome to yet another piece of such lovable activity as is writing. Of course, I apologize for not engaging in it more often, and as a small token of bribery appreciation I'd like to present to you my entry to the Criminal Intent 2015 Writing Contest. (The...