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held items

  1. Darkbirt

    Is the data of abilities for the new Pokémon and forms correct?

    I've noticed in the database that all abilities of the new forms and Pokémons are written their. Hisuian Braviary wit Defiant looks impossible to me. I've got the feeling that the information is based on datamines as their are currently no abilities in PLA. Those datamines aren't correct...
  2. CaptainPileDriver

    In need of 3 items: Dusk Stone, Magmarizer, and Protector

    Just looking to get my hands on these 3 items, don't really have much for trade but i would really appreciate if someone has extras and is willing to send them over.
  3. Holopleather

    Can someone give me a Clover Topping?

    If anyone has one they don’t want to use, I would like to use a Clover Topping to evolve my Milcery into Alcreamie (it’s just my favorite topping aesthetically). I Understand it’s a drop at the Battle Cafe however I haven’t gotten one from there yet and I don’t know how long it will take to...