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  1. X

    What Pokémon do you think Ash will catch next in the next anime?

    I’ve been thinking about it lately about when Ash goes on a new journey and he’ll catch some new Pokémon on the way. In fact, there have been some speculations from fans that Ash will catch the starters from Scarlet and Violet (either one of them, two of them or all three of them), to which I...
  2. KirliaToon50

    I have a Crossover idea for a Touhou X Pokémon fanfic but I can't write it.

    Any ideas for a Touhou Project X Pokémon fanfic...? Any advice for it would be appreciated, I was trying to write it. I was trying to think of a reverse Betrayed Ash fanfic but with Reimu Hakurei being betrayed and goes to Pokémon world
  3. Lucariomen

    How good will be certain Pokémon if they had certain ability/move(s)/typing?

    This thread's title is self-explanatory, like all of my new thread titles (Why do I feel so unoriginal)... Point is, users will make a customized Pokémon moveset, and you competitive experts see if it would be viable if possible. When rating, forget about the Baton Pass Clause, Ability Clauses...
  4. J

    Making Older Pokemon Matter: A rebalancing discussion for old Pokemon to survive in new generations

    Introduction: The purpose of the rebalancing discussion Hello all, My name is John and much like some of you reading this, I have been a Pokémon fan for a very long time. I remember the days as a child playing Pokémon games like Pokémon Red, Silver, and Ruby, mostly enjoying the...
  5. NeoAnthony

    Pokemon Challenge Idea - Looking for Suggestions, Opinions, and Criticism

    Hello, A group of friends and I are planning on challenging ourselves on playing all Pokémon gens in the wait for Gen VII coming next year (Hopefully). We are a bunch of casuals and haven't played all the gens, or played multiple games in just one gen. This is a fun little idea we had so we can...