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  1. KirliaToon50

    I have a Crossover idea for a Touhou X Pokémon fanfic but I can't write it.

    Any ideas for a Touhou Project X Pokémon fanfic...? Any advice for it would be appreciated, I was trying to write it. I was trying to think of a reverse Betrayed Ash fanfic but with Reimu Hakurei being betrayed and goes to Pokémon world
  2. Lucariomen

    How good will be certain Pokémon if they had certain ability/move(s)/typing?

    This thread's title is self-explanatory, like all of my new thread titles (Why do I feel so unoriginal)... Point is, users will make a customized Pokémon moveset, and you competitive experts see if it would be viable if possible. When rating, forget about the Baton Pass Clause, Ability Clauses...
  3. J

    Making Older Pokemon Matter: A rebalancing discussion for old Pokemon to survive in new generations

    Introduction: The purpose of the rebalancing discussion Hello all, My name is John and much like some of you reading this, I have been a Pokémon fan for a very long time. I remember the days as a child playing Pokémon games like Pokémon Red, Silver, and Ruby, mostly enjoying the...
  4. NeoAnthony

    Pokemon Challenge Idea - Looking for Suggestions, Opinions, and Criticism

    Hello, A group of friends and I are planning on challenging ourselves on playing all Pokémon gens in the wait for Gen VII coming next year (Hopefully). We are a bunch of casuals and haven't played all the gens, or played multiple games in just one gen. This is a fun little idea we had so we can...