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  1. M

    LF Zeraora

    Does anyone have an extra Zeraora from the event? I missed it, but I have several mythicals that I can trade (Marshadow, Hoopa, Volcanion, Genesect, Keldeo, Victini, Darkrai)
  2. SSJCyberSoni

    Mythical trade

    So now that I've finally moved my dex forward to Home and Shield, it's that time again. I'm looking for the following mythicals that I missed: Volcanion Marshadow Zeraora I have the following to trade in Shield: Mew Celebi Jirachi Keldeo On Home I have these (since Shield won't allow them to...
  3. MarkusCorvinus

    Edit: Completed

    I'm two away from my living dex right now. LF: Marshadow, Zeraora FT: Every legendary minus these two. I have events like Mew, Shiny Rayquaza, Diancie, Hoopa, Volcanion and more. We can trade via Pokemon Home/Sword&Shield. Just PM me. Thanks!
  4. D

    LF: Diancie FT: Meltan among other Mythicals!

    Hello! I'm looking for Diancie and Marshadow I have multiple Pokemon for trade that I've collected over the years, all of course are legit and as follows: Mythical: Mew, Celebi, Deoxys, Shaymin, Arceus, Victini, Keldeo, Genesect, Hoopa, Magearna and Meltan Shiny event Legendaries: Raikou and...
  5. Inoshi


    Hi, I'm trying to get my hands on some Meltan and some rare shiny Pokemon named in the title. If anyone with extras could be so kind... I have mostly every other pokemon in my Living Dex and a have a handful of shinies that I could offer in exchange... Please let me know if anyone is willing to...
  6. Umbright

    Looking for Marshadow!

    Hi everyone! I wanted to open this thread because it’s seemingly the only way I can get the Pokémon #802 Marshadow I’m trading any Pokémon for it. I’ve filled the Pokédex with the other 801 Pokémon. They’re all legit (except for maybe a couple old mythical like a shiny deoxys and celebi)...
  7. NimhShambler


    So, I know I posted this a while ago, but stuff came up and I was never able to get back to anyone regarding Marshadow. If anyone has one they're cool with parting with, I'd like to have it. I can offer: They're all UT. Latios - Hardy (10 ANIV Latios) Celebi - Modest (GAMESTP Celebi) Celebi...
  8. K

    LF Marshadow

    I have a Zeraora Code I can offer! (Edit: It is a code from the US, North America) I'm looking for any Marshadow, Doesn't have to be legit!
  9. Painbot

    Looking for legit Marshadow

    I have nothing event related to trade aside from Zekrom, but I'm willing to just paypal money over. Anyone interested can send me a message.