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  1. K

    HELP! Every Pokémon has Timid Nature

    I have been hunting Absol for the last few days, but every time I catch one, it has Timid nature. This is also the case with every Pokémon in the underground and overworld. While this may be great for certain Pokémon, it’s frustrating when hunting Pokémon who benefit from Adamant or Jolly...
  2. P

    Tyrantrum moveset

    I have just recently hatched a shiny tyrunt and plan to evolve him into tyrantrum but he has a bold nature what would be the best moveset for him I named him grape juice I'm wierd thank you for taking the time to read this I really appreciate it.
  3. NebulaDreams

    [T] [Poetry] - Scrimshaw

    Two hundred tonnes of nautical mass is lifted out from its watery grave, hauled on a hook for all to see, hog-tied, naked for its open peep-show. From Fresnel lanterns to flensing knives, the sea lays both man and animal bare, its length plunges into walls of blubber, exposing sheets of skin...
  4. DBK

    LF: Shiny Eevee

    I'm looking for: Shiny Timid Male Eevee Shiny Modest Female Eevee Shiny Adamant Female Eevee Shiny Calm Female Eevee Not looking for perfect IVs just a competitively beneficial set. This is urgent because my fiancee needs these so she can start playing Ultra Sun (she wants a shiny competitive...
  5. X

    Primal/Origin/Mega Arceus & Bound/Unbound Natures

    Greetings, I'd just like to share my thoughts on these two points for whatever it's worth and see what other people think of them too. First: Arceus is the Alpha Pokémon, but since the introduction of mega evolutions and primal forms, he isn't actually the strongest Pokémon in existence. I...
  6. shadefalcon

    Shiny Timid Drowzee/Hypno trade?

    Hello all, I have many good high IV shinies for trade. Just recently I SoS'ed for a Shiny Drowzee, but was Synchronizing for a Relaxed nature, and instead god Timid. If anyone has a Relaxed Drowzee/Hypno with the ability "Forewarn" please send me a PM to discuss a trade, it would be most...
  7. Evil_Nazgul0616

    Is This Pheromosa a Lost Cause?

    I know this should probably go in the "ask a question" thread, but I noticed the date of the last post in there and didn't want to cause any necromancy. Mods, if I won't get penalized for necroposting that thread, let me know and delete this thread and I'll repost this question in there...