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  1. Shadow_Trainer

    FT: Pokemon Event Codes

    FT: x1 Latios/Latias Code(Exp: 12/21/18) x2 Zekrom/Reshiram Code(Exp: 1/28/19) x1 Shiny Poipole Code(Exp: 12/20/18) x3 Zeraora Codes(Exp: 1/24/19) x1 Ho-oh/Lugia Code(Exp: 2/28/19) LF: Shiny Latios/Timid/31 ivs in SpAtk & Spd at least Shiny Zorua/Timid/Extrasensory/Perfect ivs except in Atk at...
  2. S

    Extra Shiny Poipole Codes in Trade for Zeraora Code

    Hey, everyone! I wasn't able to pick up a mystery gift code for Zeraora in time, however I do have a couple extra codes for Shiny Poipole if anyone else has an extra Zeraora code that they would be interested in trading with me?
  3. pokedigijedi

    What did you think of Ash's Poipole?

    So yeah what did you think of Ash's Poipole? I for one didn't like it, it felt like a waste of space it had only one battle and that was against Team Skull who are laughably weak all the while displaying only one move. On top of that it just felt like on big tease at fans who wanted Ash to...