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Event Marquis
x1 Latios/Latias Code(Exp: 12/21/18)
x2 Zekrom/Reshiram Code(Exp: 1/28/19)
x1 Shiny Poipole Code(Exp: 12/20/18)
x3 Zeraora Codes(Exp: 1/24/19)
x1 Ho-oh/Lugia Code(Exp: 2/28/19)

Shiny Latios/Timid/31 ivs in SpAtk & Spd at least

Shiny Zorua/Timid/Extrasensory/Perfect ivs except in Atk at least

Basculin(Blue-Stripe)/Jolly/Rock Head/Head Smash/31 ivs in Atk and Spd at least

Shiny Ho-oh/Jolly or Adamant/ 31ivs in Atk & Spd at least

Poochyena/Adamant/Rattled/Play Rough & Sucker Punch/ 31 ivs in Atk and Spd at least

Shiny Pawniard/Adamant/Defiant/Psycho Cut & Sucker Punch/31 ivs in everything except SpAtk

Shiny Burmy/Male/Modest/Overcoat/31 ivs in everything except Atk

Shiny Dusclops or Dusknoir/Adamant/Pressure/Power-Up Punch/31 ivs in Atk and HP at least

Duskull(Nickname: Idwal)/Male/Careful/Pressure/Perfect 31 ivs

No hacks or clones
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