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shield exclusive

  1. NayanMori

    LF: Sobble, Flapple, Sirfetch'd, Scraggy + More (Trading Various Region PKMN)

    Hello, I am looking for the following Pokemon (don't need any specific stats, levels, or anything) to complete my Pokedex: Sobble, Flapple, Sirfetch'd, Scraggy, Passimian, Turtonator, Mawile, Rufflet, Solrock, Darumaka, Jangmo-o and possibly Dracozolt, Arctozolt, & Arctovish Will also accept...
  2. A

    Trading Shield Exclusives

    LF: Gothita, Scraggy, Passimian, Flapple, Deino, Stonjourner, Slurpuff, and Solrock. FT: Solosis, Goomy, Oranguru, Appltun, Croagunk, Eiscue, Lunatone, Spritzee with sachet. Most pokemon are level 1 and hatched from eggs, except spritzee which is at level 21. I'm simply looking to get all of...
  3. M

    Trading Apples (looking for Tart, I have Sweet)

    hello everyone, LF: Any poké (holding a Tart Apple) FT: Shield exclusive (holding a Sweet Apple) Not sure if it works, but can you trade sweet/tart apples to evolve your own Applin onto the other games exclusive evolution? I found a shiny Applin in my Shield but like Flapple more! Any sword...