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  1. D

    Shiny hunting snom

    Hi, so I'm currently just over 2400 random encounters for shiny snom, I will continue but i feel like I'm starting to lose heart, does anyone else have any long chains for shinies that might make me feel a bit more hopeful? Also does anyone know if the shiny odds after 500 battles have been...
  2. Millennium01

    HA Snom request

    Hello there. So basically, I've been wanting to play through Pokemon Shield with a Frosmoth on my team, specifically one with its hidden ability of Ice Scales so I set out to find one in the Wild Area for the last three days, unfortunately to no avail. So I have decided that I should get a move...
  3. MarineSkies

    Do you need to use Pokemon Camp to evolve Snom?

    Is Pokemon Camp necessary to raise Snom's happiness level to where it will evolve? I'm asking this because I want to avoid getting the battle bonuses from Pokemon Camp, like the chance of not being knocked out by a move. I also caught my Snom with a friend ball.