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  1. SmoG878

    Searching for "Adventures of the Regi Trio" (By SecretMew)

    Hi All. Long time no post. I've had an itching to re-read one of my favorite old webcomics from about a decade ago "The Adventures of the Regi-Trio" by Secretmew but unfortunately I haven't saved a backup since my old PC crashed. By any chance does anyone have this amazing sprite comic saved...
  2. M.A.C.H

    Snorlax Fusion Sprites (Snorlax new move! Energy Eat!)

    Snorlax's new move ENERGY EAT can eat a quarter or half of one of your party Pokemon's HP Energy and then take on characteristics of that pokemon. The more energy is eaten the more he looks like that pokemon. He will also steal one or two of there moves and have their resistants to types as...
  3. L

    A Spriter's Survivor Contest V.2 Approved by Asuka

    Hello and welcome to the Spriter's Survivor Contest V.2 approved by Asuka. First of all here is the link to the last one: http://www.serebiiforums.com/showthread.php?t=299627 How this will go: First of all I'll need 3 other judges to judge the contest. There will be a time limit (2 week...