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trade eveloution

  1. D

    help evolution trade

    need help evolving my electrivire pls im online now
  2. CaptainPileDriver

    In need of Magmarizer and dusk stone (BDSP)

    Just looking for these items so i can finally get my magmortar and mismagius, if you're willing to part with either of these items lmk thank you
  3. H

    Trade evolutions (Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl)

    Does anyone need to trade any Pokémon to evolve? Do a few trade for trades? I’m looking to evolve my kadabra, haunter, and scyther and graveler. If you have Pearl I’m willing to toss in a Diamond exclusive too
  4. J

    Looking for Trade Evolution Help!

    Hi I have the Eevee version and I need help with a trade evolve for my Alolan Graveler. Last time I traded through the game's random trade and that person took it and ran off with it. I'm planning on adding the future Alolan Golem to my team so I definitely would need it back after it evolves...
  5. A

    LF: Shield exclusive Pokémon FT: Sword exclusive Pokémon

    Hello! I'm trying to finish my Pokédex and I'm look0ng for the following Pokémon: Spritzee w/Sachet (I'll give another Sachet after the trade, so you don't have to waste one). Croagunk Vullaby Shelmet to trade with Karrablast and trade back. Sableye Oranguru Drampa Lunatone Zamazenta (only...
  6. K

    Pokemon Shield Exclusives

    Hi I need help filling up my Pokedex, if anyone has spare of these Pokemon and can trade them I would be very greatful! Goomy Larvitar Solosis Drampa Vullaby Lotad Croagunk Spritzee Oranguru Appletun Eiscue TOUCH TRADE zamazenta
  7. J

    Trade evolution

    Need trade evolutions Dusclops w/reapers cloth Machoke Haunter Gurdurr Rhydon w/protector Shelmet for Karrablast Karrablast for shelmet Phantump SW-5903-7657-3005
  8. N

    Feebas Evolve Exchange

    Can anyone help me evolving my feebas, trading it back to me. I'll give a dreepy, larvitar or feebas for the trouble. PM me if you can help :]
  9. dark_murasame

    Need Help Trade Evolving Pokes

    Need to evolve me haunter electabuzz magmar dusclops gurdurr have to offer HA gligar HA torchic HA shroomish HA chimchar HA froakie HA goomy HA natu HA rockruff HA cubone HA magikarp HA scyther HA carvahna 2 gold bottle caps megastones dusk stone dawn stone 2 eviolites really need to get...
  10. C

    Evolution Trade

    Hello, as the title states I am seeking a play to trade and trade back for some evolution pokemon. I.E. Haunter & Machoke. I need to trade these and get them back for my shiny team.
  11. D

    Need help evolving Pokémon

    Hello there, I need help evolving my Magmar and Feebas. If someone would like to help me, my friend code is 5473-0701-2894
  12. M

    Need help evolving my Haunter

    I need help evolving my Haunter. I can give a shiny timid Gastly for your trouble.
  13. dark_murasame

    Need Help Evolving My Seadra

    As the title shows I just need help trade evolving my seadra to a kingdra. Im only making this thread due to lack of response unfortunately. I have things to offer as follows I have 2 gold bottle caps any megastone you need (willing to trade two) 2 eviolites 2 gold bottle caps 3 dusk stones 2...
  14. M


    Hello, I’m trying to get version exclusive pokemon. I have LGE and I need Sandshrew, growlithe, and Scyther. I would also need the trade evolutions, Machamp, Alakazam, and Golem. Please help.
  15. G

    Looking for Trade Partner

    I want to trade and trade back the trade-evolve monsters. I can also offer any version exclusives from either game. Discord is under the name gundumgrrl or reply here. Thanks
  16. A

    Can anyone trade with trade level up for pokedex

    Looking for someone to trade to do the the trade exclusive level ups