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trade evolution

  1. Deko-kun

    Slowpoke to Slowking evolution Help!

    ((Update)) trade was completed Hey guys need some help with my Slowpoke! Please help!! ✨
  2. D


    Any one up right now looking to help me evolve electrivire ? i have admant amazing stat elekids jolly magickarps jolly gibble and itemsto trade
  3. A

    LF: Porygon holding an Upgrade around Level 18 (10-20) FT: Level 18 Porygon holding an Upgrade

    LF: Porygon holding an Upgrade around Level 18 (10-20) FT: Level 18 Porygon holding an Upgrade Ever since I saw it as a child, I always wanted to have Porygon-Z, mostly based off how it is the Virtual Pokémon, one of two Normal lines of Pokémon I might ever use on a team full-time other than...
  4. gabz

    Help With Dex Completition

    Hi! Im looking for -Croagunk -Toxicroak -Zamazenta -Squirtle -Heracross -Skrelp -Dragalge (Shield exclusives) and a couple of trade evolution Pokemon. I can trade you whatever youre looking for and help with your dex completition as well. I can give any of them back if you want, just want them...
  5. W

    Anyone help my feebas evolve to milotic?

    Im currently playing Pokemon Moon and hope my feebas can evolve to milotic. Anyone out there would like to do me a favor by setting up a link trade? I could give away a spare feebas with gd nature or other pokemon in return :) My friend code: 2724-5739-1395 (Name: wilwil) Hope someone nice...
  6. Lionvine7

    Need help evolving Pokemon

    Need help evolving some Pumpkaboo's, a Shelmet (I already have it's evolution. I just need Escavalier), and a bunch of other Pokemon that I have. If anyone wants to help me, message me.
  7. Hooray4pie

    Help with trading.

    I need some help completing my pokedex for lets go pikachu, requiring the eevee exclusives and some touch trading of the trade only evos. I can return the favour with pikachu exclusives. No special requirements and I'm not fussed about getting alolan forms. Thanks! :)
  8. gosalyn

    lf: trade evo help

    aaaa im getting so close to getting my dex done !!! just need some help with a couple trade evos !! willing to do tradebacks for the evo dex !! just lmk what u'd want in return and ill see what i can do !! [ note; i have sword ] slurpuff rhyperior trevenant these arent trade evos but id love...
  9. Emboar_Rulez

    Shiny Haunter Trade Help

    hi I currently shiny hunted for a gastly and evolved it into Haunter but I need to help to get a Gengar.Plz do not steal him if I trade you him thanks :)
  10. D


    I own let's go Pikachu and looking for let's go eevee exclusive vulpix and bellsprout and i want to evolove my alola Graveler. Is there anyone to help me?
  11. KamenusNero

    Trade Evolution Trick?

    So, i saw a really old thread, made way back in 2007, about using the gts to trick the game into evolving your trade evolution pokemon. Does this work still in the later generations (XY, SM, USUM, so on), or has it been fixed?
  12. T

    Trade Help (Need Machamp, Golem, Koffing)

    Hello, I need three more Pokemon to complete my Pokédex. Anyone willing to trade their Machamp (or Machoke so that it evolves), Golem (or Graveler so that it evolves), or Koffing. I’m willing to send any other Pokémon you need! Thank you!
  13. F

    Trade Partner Help

    Hello all! Looking to trade/evolve my Kadabra, Graveler, Machamp, and Haunter and receive them back. Will also be looking to trade for Let's Go Pikachu only mons in the near future if there are those still looking for the Eevee equivalents! Thanks in advance!
  14. T

    Need trade evolution's

    Trading for the trade evolution's Trading; Haunter Graveler Machoke Kadabra
  15. M

    Looking to trade evolve my Graveler and Haunter

    If anyone can help me by trading then trading back to me both my pokemon, that'd be a great help. Either DM me or reply to the thread and I'll DM you. Thanks!
  16. xanactive

    Need to trade for Gengar

    Need someone to trade my Haunter to evolve it to Gengar and back again. FC:SW-2207-6237-9608
  17. J

    Looking for Trade Evos, LGE exclusives & Omanyte

    Hello everyone, I am working on completing my LGP Pokédex, and I am looking for some help with trade evolutions, LGE exclusives, and fossils. Any level, CP, etc. is fine. Specifically, I'm looking for the following: Trade evos - for trade evos, I can send back yours if you'd like :) - Kadabra...