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trade evolutions

  1. J

    Trade Evolution help

    Hi I need help with a trade evolve for my Alolan Graveler. Last time I traded through the game's random trade and that person took it and ran off with it. I'm planning on adding the future Alolan Golem to my team so I definitely would need it back after it evolves. Happy to trade with someone...
  2. K

    Trading Exclusives

    Hi all! I have Pokemon sword and am looking to trade for the Pokemon Shield exclusives. I am also willing to do the shelmet/karrablast trade and any other trade evolutions you want! As a side note, I also ****'d up and traded my Zacian away for a Reshiram thinking it would help me complete my...
  3. G

    Trade evolutions and general trades

    I need help with two trade evolutions and two permanent trades. What I’d like to do is this: 1. I’d like to trade-evolve my Machoke into a Machamp; 2. I’d like to trade-evolve my Alolan Graveler into an Alolan Golem; 3. I’d like to trade an Alolan Grimer for a male Alolan Meowth; And...