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trade help

  1. R

    Looking for Hidden ability corsola / I can give you Hidden ability pancham

    Looking for Hidden ability corsola / I can give you Hidden ability pancham
  2. S

    I need a solosis

    i really need a solosis to complete my pokedex! someone?
  3. C

    Houndoominite on Pokemon X

    Hi, Can anyone help me out with getting Houndoominite on my Pokemon X game? I recently decided to replay the game and I would love to use mega Houndoom. I do own Pokemon Y as well, so I have the stone, I just need a person that would be willing to help me out :) Thanks
  4. A

    LF: Shield exclusive Pokémon FT: Sword exclusive Pokémon

    Hello! I'm trying to finish my Pokédex and I'm look0ng for the following Pokémon: Spritzee w/Sachet (I'll give another Sachet after the trade, so you don't have to waste one). Croagunk Vullaby Shelmet to trade with Karrablast and trade back. Sableye Oranguru Drampa Lunatone Zamazenta (only...
  5. R

    LF: Hidden ability Cursola

    can’t for the life of me find a cursola with hidden ability in a max raid, would love to add one to my team. Willing to trade: any shield exclusive Pokémon, will hunt down a Pokémon for you. I just can’t find a max raid with cursola.
  6. InfamousRain

    LF: Foreign Ditto for Shiny Breeding

    Hello I’m looking for a foreign ditto to use for shiny breeding, I’m willing to trade any Pokemon. As I have the full 400 completion of the Pokédex. PM me for friend code to set up trade link. Thanks! :)
  7. InfamousRain

    (Closed) Jangmo-o,Vulplix, Swirlix, Scraggy, Mawlie, StoneJouner, passmian, Solorock and Turtonator.

    Hello, I am looking for the Sword Exclusive above pokemon in order to complete my Dex, I am willing to trade my in-game exclusives (Shield) for these sword ones I currently have: •Spritizee Lvl 23 •Crogunk Lvl 60 •Eiscue Lvl 44 •Solosis Lvl 1 • Vullaby lvl 39 or Mandibuzz Lvl 60 •Galarian...
  8. Millennium01

    HA Snom request

    Hello there. So basically, I've been wanting to play through Pokemon Shield with a Frosmoth on my team, specifically one with its hidden ability of Ice Scales so I set out to find one in the Wild Area for the last three days, unfortunately to no avail. So I have decided that I should get a move...
  9. Emboar_Rulez

    Mew Help!

    Trying to obtain Mew for the dex.I can trade a master,fast,and love ball for it if I can keep it or I can trade a fast or love ball and do a trade back
  10. Emboar_Rulez

    Appletun And Zamazenta help

    Hey I’m missing two Pokémon for the dex I need a Appletun and a Zamazenta I can also trade back since I doubt you’ll let me keep Zamazenta I can trade a Flapple for Appletun I can trade a fast or love ball for them
  11. Emboar_Rulez

    Dex help

    Hey guys I’m trying to complete the dex and could appreciate it if anyone could trade me the following: Feebas Milotic Sylveon Appletun Slurpuff Aromatisse Whimsicott Rhyperier Escavalier Accelgor Stableye Trevenant Turtonator Drampa Pinurchin Dracovish Arctovish Zamazenta I...
  12. Emboar_Rulez

    HA Mareanie and Daramaka help

    Hey if anyone has a HA darmaka or Mareanie I would really appreciate it I can trade almost any sword exclusive mon or any other Pokémon you request