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  1. Redislonley


    I recently got Pokémon white and when I started playing I’ve noticed I wasn’t gaining any EXP is there any way to fix this problem? PLZ HELP IMMEDIATELY!! I’m playing on my 3DS xl with a game cartridge
  2. Rocco101

    Hi I would like to have a Shinx that I would also trade for a legendary one

    Hi, sorry I don't know if this is the right place to write this, but I would like to have a shinx (luxio or luxray) , easily found in the white forest in white pokemon, I would also be willing to exchange legendaries found in black 2
  3. Emboar_Rulez

    Your opinion on Emboar

    So a lot of people seem to hate Emboar due to him being the third firefighter starter and being “the worst one” I personally really like him and even use him competitively what’s your guys opinion on him?
  4. Monozu

    FerrisWheelShipping v3 (Hilda x N)

    My favourite ship! Obviously, or I wouldn't be making this thread. I hope it doesn't die out like most of the other threads on this section, including the last two FerrisWheelShipping threads. :/ Let's try to keep this one alive. The thread rules are the same as the Serebii rules. Please read...
  5. Storm the Lycanroc

    Generation 5 Remakes Discussion/Speculation

    As of writing this in 2019 the latest Pokemon games going to be released are Sword & Shield. A remake for Diamond & Pearl hasn't been announced but will most likely come at some point. I know a remake for Black & White isn't likely for a couple more years but I'd like to at least discuss what a...
  6. seth forte

    If Reshiram had a gender what do you think it would be

    i made a post like this in miscellaneous discussion but some one said to put it in general. Anyways what gender do you think Reshiram would have? Ken Suigimori said in an interview that Reshiram was given lady like features, so i think its a girl Source...
  7. MustardBubbles

    Alternate Target event Pokemon Black/White game case.

    I remember back in early 2012 there was a Target event code for a Global Link Lucario that was packaged with specially marked B/W games. The sleeve inside had Lucario printed on it, hence "specially marked". I bought one all these years ago and still haven't seen another in the wild since. I...