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Discussion in 'Sign Up' started by NurseRiG, Jan 24, 2013.

  1. NurseRiG

    NurseRiG Supermodel

    "No matter where you are, evil will show its face..."
    An unfinished quote.

    "People from all over the world have gathered, news has spread across the world of a new experiment allowing participants to be infused with the abilities of Pokemon, at first what all thought was a hoax has spread like a wildfire. Everyone wanting to have the abilities of Pokemon, and everyone can. Don't let the appearances of the circus troupe who invented it fool you, they say they're scientists, and what reason do we have to not believe them, its working already. A 5-year old is already causing Earthquakes, and others who have gotten infused with the abilities are already having Human battles! How remarkable!"

    That's what all the news stations have been talking about for the past week, despite it have being available to us for a very long time. Long ago certain people were able to make a special bond with their Pokemon, who would lend them their abilities, it was more natural, yet only available to a select people known as Pokespers. They of course have long been thought extinct, actually many think they never truly existed as if they were only a myth. Those people are wrong, they are still very much existent, some don't even know they are Pokespers.

    These two cannot coexist, there will be war but for now, discover yourselves, and the many secrets the Pokespers and the circus scientists known as "Pseudo" have to hold, in the calm before the storm, but hurry as there isn't much time before the storm arrives.

    Name: (First and Last)
    Gender: (just to be sure)
    Pokemon: (Up to three)
    Appearance: (How do you look?)
    Style: (Battle style/trainer type)
    Origins: (are you Augmented or a Pokesper)
    Personality: (all the details)
    History: (Where do you come from, Your Family)
    Hobbies/Likes: (self explanatory)
    Other: (anything goes)

    No godmodding
    Be active!!! Post at least once every two (in game) days
    A lot more mechanics will be added as the story progresses

    There will be a day and night system to balance posts, One in game day should last about two days real time, but it's not completely set, I will be the one who finally chooses the switch and I will post when. Once daytime begins you will be able to post freely, as long as they are in the boundaries of the objectives set for you, objectives will also be stated upon daytime, they will help you carry on the story. Once Night time begins, all are limited to TWO posts, no more, this will allow last minute finishing of objectives, or anything else you want that can be done in two posts. Going to different locations requires three posts, stating your going somewhere, what happens on your way, and your arrival.

    "As the past changes the future, the future changes the past"
    Pokesper quote

    1. Reserved for YDT
    1. Reserved for Samantha Sparks
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2013
  2. Samantha Sparks

    Samantha Sparks Well-Known Member

    I'd like to reserve a Pokesper please.
  3. NurseRiG

    NurseRiG Supermodel

    Reserved for Samantha.
  4. YDT

    YDT Positively Ecstatic

    I'd like to reserve an Augmented
  5. NurseRiG

    NurseRiG Supermodel

    You got it!
  6. YDT

    YDT Positively Ecstatic

    Name: Cynthia Grey ("Snydey")
    Gender: Female
    Pokemon: Slugma (Kevin)

    Appearance: Cynthia has a short and portly stature. She has brown hair, which she usually keeps tied back and big gray eyes covered with glasses. She has a round face with average sized ears. Her nose and mouth are a bit small for her face. She has freckles on her cheeks, which mostly go away in the Winter. She has a small scar on the back of her right ear. She tends to wear very conservative clothes that cover her arms completely, but not her knees, never her knees. As a result she normally wears heavy woollen sweaters and brightly coloured shorts.
    Style: Cynthia very much dislikes battling and tries to stay away from them as much as possible. She does not know how to fight well, and only cares about defending her Pokemon when she gets into one.

    Origins: Augmented

    Personality: Cynthia is a very jolly individual who always loves to have fun, whether it be: shopping at the mall, baking, gossiping with her friends or shredding up the half pipe, you'll always find her with a big smile. She isn't always aware when people are feeling angry or sad, but she always tries to make sure others are, even when they already are. She avoids confrontation, when she knows that it is going on, as she has absolutely no idea how to deal with it. When she does have to deal with confrontation she tries to run away or hide from it, as it utterly terrifies her. The only exception to this is when Kevin is in trouble, then she makes sure he is safe, before swiftly making her escape.

    History: Cynthia lives an average life with her family. She lives in an apartment with her father and two brothers, her mother left when she was 4. Her father took on the mother roles of the family with cooking and cleaning, while still keeping his job. Her father was always tired and never really had time for any of his kids. This mean that she was mostly raised by her older twin brothers, Reggie and Leo. They protected her a lot and she never had to experience any problems. When someone was being mean to her, her brothers would beat them up before she could even understand what was going on. And when other people were in trouble, her brothers would just keep her away from it. She was rather ignorant that way. Occasionally she would hear her friends talk about their problems, but she didn't really get what they were talking about and would normally laugh. Cynthia is equally close with all five of her friends, who all have the exact same interests as her. They never really get why Cynthia never seems to understand what is going on, but they don't care as she always seems happy

    Hobbies/Likes: Baking, Knitting, gossiping (though she doesn't understand it), skateboarding

    Other: She might have like some personal demons deep inside and is very close to snapping, or not
  7. BurningBlaze

    BurningBlaze Ace Trainer

    I'd like to reserve an augumented please.

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