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BuizelBoy's Sprite Shop



Hi guys, and welcome to my sprite shop. I've had an account on here for ages but never really posted regularly, but as the other forums I used to sprite on have slowly collapsed, I decided that Serebii has probably the best spriting board therefore I'd come back and make a shop. I used to sprite a lot on other forums but haven't done an awful lot of it over the past couple of years.

I'm not a big fan of making customers fill out forms like they are robots, so I won't be using any. Just make sure you state what I ask for in your request. In terms of rules, all that I ask for is that you obey the rules of the forum as a whole, and don't bombard me with multiple requests. One at a time would be nice, then I can finish it relatively quickly and you can return and request again. Use manners, don't spam, all the usual ones apply. The one I'm going to place real emphasis on is don't steal my sprites. I've had this happen a number of times and it isn't nice when people flaunt your creations without stating who made them. If you want to use a sprite made by me anywhere, please credit me below, above, beside, I don't mind. But please do.

Pixel-overs: This is where I will take a large image which isn't a piece of pixel art, and scale it down, then turn it into a sprite. I can do this with Sugimori art, Dream World art, trading card art or even your own drawings! Either post an image to pixel over, or just name a Pokemon and I will choose the best TCG image to use. If you're posting a picture, please ensure you have the rights to use it, and that it isn't from somebody's deviantArt account or similar. They would expect crediting, just like I do. Specify how large you would like it to be too.

Scratches: The most difficult service I offer. You name a Pokemon, and I'll open up a blank sheet and make a sprite of it completely from scratch. If you'd like it in a particular pose, then just ask. These can take a little while though, so don't expect them back within an hour or two. I'll make them as official looking as possible, adhering to the stated size guidelines used for the Pokemon RPG games.

Fusions/Disguises: Pretty simple; I will take two Pokemon and fuse them together. All I ask here is that you don't request stupid combinations that you know won't work. It'll be agonizing for me, and the end result will be below the standards I wish to meet. Please state which one you would like as the base, only two Pokemon per fusion please.

Recolors: Again, simple. Either state which Pokemon's color scheme you would like me to use, or name one, two or three colors and I will make a custom palette. Choose from two of the colors below if you want, they don't have to be used in the combinations I have, just choose any of the twelve.

Finally, I will also make worksheets/example sheets for spriters. Just send me the examples and tell me how you'd like it to look. I have a number of styles, so just ask!

I'm not going to offer the most basic sprite types like Siamese, cell-shading etc. This is because people just don't really want them, and I don't find them stimulating to make. I will be the only worker here, and I will take as many requests as people there are who want a sprite, there's no limit.

After requesting, be sure to visit our affiliate, Wooper's Woop-Tastic Shop!

Request away! ~BuizelBoy
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The Daylight Assassin

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Good luck on the shop! Can you do a Ralts sprite with palletes 10 and 7? 7 for the head and 10 for the body. Thanks!


Good luck on the shop! Can you do a Ralts sprite with palletes 10 and 7? 7 for the head and 10 for the body. Thanks!
Of course! Here you go!

Wasn't sure if you wanted the red things on its head colored, so I made this one too:



Light It Up
Hey BB! I was wondering if you could make me an animated recolor of Weavile with palettes 9 (body) and 2 (crown/ears/tail) please?


Hey BB! I was wondering if you could make me an animated recolor of Weavile with palettes 9 (body) and 2 (crown/ears/tail) please?
Of course! I've only just realised what you meant by animated; I can't recolor the sprite's original animation, but I could make a custom one for you! :) I'll do a couple of different animation styles and you can choose your favorite.


Is this alright? If you want anything changed I will do so. :)

Thanks a ton! Its perfect! Ill give credit and spread the word.
No problem, glad you liked it!
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Hey! can i get a recolor for empoleon. i want the white part on the body to be pallette 4, the gold parts pallette 2, and the blue part pallette 9.


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Wonderin' if I could have 2 pixel over requests?

Cobalion EX (Plasma Storm 93) And MEW EX (Dragon Exalted 46)


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Hope you still do requests... if so, I'd like you to do a scratch for me.

Basically, I'd like you to create a prevolution of Revenankh, a Fakemon created by smogon. I'd like an 80x80 sprite, preferably looking like this:

If you'd like to do this, thank you a lot.