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Changes In attacks!!

Vine whip should either have much more PP or much higher base power. It used to be 10 in past games, but in d/p it was raised to 15...which is still quite low for an early on attack with no extra effects and 35 base power -_-; It makes no sense.

Boost each of the draining attack PP by 10. Absorb 30, Leech life 30 (and boost its PP to 25 to make it equal to absorb) Mega drain 50, Giga drain 70, Drain Punch 10 PP and 70 power. They are just way too weak, even with the 5 extra PP's the grass ones gained in d/p.

Sleep powder PP boosted to 25. I don't get why it is only 15 when Stun Spore has 30 and Poisonpowder has 35. At least that would make it a 5 PP difference between the three.

Cross poison needs higher base power imo. 80 would satisfy me.

Airslash higher base power. Best special flying move out there needs to be a bit stronger. 85would make me happy.

Dragon Pulse needs an extra effect. Maybe paralyze...too make it seem like a stronger dragonbreath attack (which is basically what it is).

Silver wind/Ancientpower/Ominous Wind with either more PP or a higher chance of raising all stats. Raising all stats by one is a pretty big boost, but with only 10% chance and 5PP the chances are far and slim. Raise the base power to 70 and I'll be happy and then make them have 10 PP.

Boost energy ball and shadow ball's power to 90 (and lower shadow ball's PP to 10)...they do the same thing as Psychic and Bug buzz by being a special attack sthat lower the opponent's special defense, so why don't they have the same power?

Grasswhistle and Sing's accuracy boosted to 70 to make it equal to hypnosis. I mean come on =/

Needle arm's power boosted to 85. It's cacturne's sig move...give it some more power.

Boost Chatot's blabber to 75 power.

Give razor leaf and air cutter 100% accuracy. They're a weaker version of Psycho Cut and friends with only 5 more PP...just make them accurate all of the time. It's only fair.

Seed Bomb boosted power to 90.

Beat up with PP of 20...even if your team is fully healthy it's still a weak attack, and yet it only has 10 PP.

Fling should be like a boomerang attack where the item comes back the user. Otherwise...it's a pretty pointless one-time move.

Assurance/Payback with 15 PP. It's very situational to actually get to utilize their power doubling effects so....

Sucker Punch is just too weak, especially with such low PP. I have an idea; leave it with 80 base power and have it have a very good chance of making the opponent flinch. That would be great because it would take the fact that the opponent is going to attack you and completely make it backfire so that you go first, do damage, and then prevent them from attacking ^_^

Dragon Claw sounds like it should be a little bit stronger of an attack. I say boost it to 90 power.

Roar of Time should be the same exact thing as spacial rend. Moves like hyper beam are suicidal, which makes it pretty inferior to Spacial Rend.

Elemental fang power increased to 70 with 100 accuracy and 20 PP.
Elemental punch power increased to 80 with 30% effect rate.

Spike Cannon, Arm Thrust, Comet Punch, Icicle spear, Bone Rush all have power of 40 with 20 PP and 100% accuracy just to improve them a bit and make have them all be equal to make things easy. I never understood why they were such bad attacks...considering they are actually pretty rare.

Cross Chop accuracy 90...I dunno it just seems better that way.

Detect has no reason to have less PP than protect...give it 10 PP.

Dynamic Punch with 70 accuracy and 120 power...I'm guessing its supposed to be like fighting type version of zap cannon, but unlike zap cannon it only confuses the opponent instead of paralyzing it, and confusion is an inferior status effect since it can be easily negated through switching. That and the fact that it has 20 less power than zap cannon.

Hammer Arm 20 PP...if it's going to lower speed and have 90 accuracy the least one can do is increase its PP.

Submission...atm it's like a crappy double edge in exchange for 10 more PP...so I say give it 90 accuracy and 100 power and let it keep 10 extra PP.

Triple Kick 95 Accuracy, 40 power. It's hitmontop's sig move so it should be a bit stronger imo. 10 power is really horrible, even with the increasing power effect it has.

Blaze kick should have 100 accuracy imo. Comparing it to leaf blade: gaining a burn ability and then subtracting 5 PP and 5 base power is enough...no need to decrease accuracy by 10.
Muddy water should have 100 accuracy imo because its effect can be easily avoided.

Fire Spin/Whirlpool/Sand Tomb are so weak...give them 30 power and 90 accuracy.
And give Magma Storm 90 accuracy too.

Sacred Fire/Aeroblast I would like to have 120 power.

Give heat wave 15 PP...it just seems right since all heat wave is is a slightly more powerful flamethrower with a 10 point drop in accuracy.

Bounce needs a power of 100.

I think mirror move should counter the foe's attack with the same move but with double the power.

Mud Bomb/Octazooka accuracy 95, power 75, and PP 15

There are lots more...I'll post them later...
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Razor Leaf is weak in the face of Leaf Blade..maybe if the power of Razor Leaf was upped to 70 or something, it'll be usable in double battles.

I totally agree....and ROZOR LEAF IS NOT WEAK IN FACE OF LEAF BLADE!!!!!!!!!!!!

Shiny Crobat

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i think aeroblast and sacred fire should be learnt by more pokemon.

Aero blast has a huge base power and CH rate, it's too powerfull for standard play. Sacred fire has a 50% burn rate wich criples physical sweepers, if every fire poke starts using sacred fire there won't be any physical sweepers left.
In D/P, Surf shouldn't hurt your ally >.<

It makes way more sense, and can be used in combos such as Golduck and Toxicroak fighting together. I think it should stay.

Uproar should prevent sleep and heal sleep also. Like in MD, it makes more sense this way.

Night Slash should have 80 base strength. That would make it godly and people might consider it over Crunch.

Give Pursuit 50 base strength, so it's not too too bad on its own.

More later...


Iron tail should have higher accuracy.

Rock smash Should be alot stronger too.

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double team doing damage is down right wrong!! but it should induce confusion along with raising evasiveness..


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i think explosion should kill the user even when it misses, and hyper beam should also make the user recharge when it misses