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Charizard VS Moltres

Discussion in 'Poképolls' started by pokericho9, Aug 6, 2007.


Charizard VS Moltres

  1. Charizard

  2. Moltres

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  1. pokericho9

    pokericho9 Nintendo Maniac

    Last one for some time. now two Fires. Charizard is AWESOME and a tough one!
  2. Black Hawk

    Black Hawk ready to strike

    it is obviously moltres, due to the fact that it is LEGENDARY. what the hell was the point of this this thread. anyone with half a brain or at least some competitive pokemon knowledge would know the answer is moltres.
  3. Emerald master

    Emerald master The Best

    This is a bit off-topic, theough, i tried a bet against myself in the emerald days that i'll get most of my symbols by using the three brds, but replace moltres with a charizard with an effortribbon, but un ev-trained in attack abnd sopeed, turned out i got four sillvers using them, or three. Since then i've always thought of charizard as the pokemon that tops moltres in everything.
  4. Prio

    Prio Well-Known Member

    Moltres clearly has better stats.
  5. Sphyxius

    Sphyxius Well-Known Member

    whoa whoa whoa there everyone hold it.

    Moltres better? Not necessarily people...

    Moltres is slower... and its movepool is **** compared to Charizard's who is packing several key moves Moltres lacks such as Earthquake, Focus Punch/Blast, Swords Dance, Belly Drum, and pretty much every Dragon move there is.
    Meanwhile the only thing Moltres has on Charizard is Roost which screams "Earthquake!!!!" otherwise it has Rain Dance (LOL), Sandstorm (LOL again), Safeguard, Pluck, and U-turn.

    Does everyone just look at stats and pass immediate judgement? wtf..
  6. Falco320

    Falco320 The Golden summit!!

    i agree on top of that all charizard needs to do is use 1 rock slide and he has the game.
  7. squirtlemaster

    squirtlemaster master of squirtles

    Moltres Sucks

    Charizard Iz So Ace
  8. Supergamer229

    Supergamer229 Well-Known Member

    charzard is like a cool classic strong pkn but moltres is legendary and strong
  9. nubinator

    nubinator Banned

    In a 1vs1 battle Charizard would win ( rockslide )

    But otherwise Moltres is better.
  10. Eclipse

    Eclipse I AM GONE.

    Moltres, UU but awesome.

    Charizard is over loved and too popular IMO. He bores me.
  11. Mse Ownage

    Mse Ownage Ur Going Down!

    charizard can own a blastoise.. so he can own a moltres easy..
    charizard just better ... ^^''
  12. John Lennon

    John Lennon New Member

    Asuming this topic is kinda old, I don't care. lol, Seriously, you replace a moltres with a Charizard?. So then, replace a Articuno with a Delibird, and a Zapdos with an Emolga -_-. And how is it that Charizard tops moltres on everything?

    Let's compare compare:
    Moltres has 12 points more in base HP than Charizard.
    Moltres has 16 points more in base Attack than charizard
    Moltre has 12 points more in base Defense than Charizard
    'Tres has 16 points more in base Special Attack than Zard
    Tres and Zard has the same Special Defense
    Tragically, Charizard has 10 points more in base Speed than Moltres

    Moltres basically outclasses Zard in every stat so shut up and think 2 time before do things
  13. John Lennon

    John Lennon New Member

    Moltres gets Ancientpower too e_e
  14. John Lennon

    John Lennon New Member

    Whoa whoa. Hold it, charizard fanboy, or a should I say "Charizardlieber"?

    Yes, Zard gets more moves than Moltres, but the most of them are useless on Charizard...
    Belly Drum? Seriously? Tell me, assuming Charizard is x4 weak to Stealth rock, will him use belly drum?. Sword dance? why does moltres need swords dance why it huge Special Attack? Besides, Charizard simply fails at physical sweeper "I've proved it". Charizard gets roost too, and it has the same problem of roost. Besides, Rain dance is good to use Hurriccane, move that Charizard doens't have... And U-turn is a good move to evade the enemy if you in case find with stealth rock... Besides, moltres doens't need roost, it has Matinal Sun (It get it from pokémon colusseum) So in a Sun day team would be perfect. While Charizard the only heatl move is Roost (Eartquake lol). Focus Punch sucks competitively, the move is only good on Pokémon like breelom, that can Sleep Its foes. Incluiding Charizard doesn't get STAB and it Attack sucks. While moltres with 100 on Base Attack, can be good use of moves like U-turn and Sky Attack (Power Herb). besides, hurricane never fails on rain team, so Moltres can work in Sunny Day team as he do on Rain team. You can do of it a Fast Sweeper with a combo of Rain Dance + Choice Scarf/Agility. The only Stat-boost move that Charizard has is in Attack, how i've mencioned it suck on this.

    The only good moves that Charizard gets are... STAB fire blast move (Overheat or Blast Burn would be terrible on him), Air Slash, Dragon Pulse (with can do much of that move...) And as you've mentioned... Focus Blat (with it sucks, because has a shitty Acuraccy)

    While moltres can get:
    STAB fire moves (Can do a good use of Overheat)
    Hurricane (Perfect on rain team)
    Solarbeam (on a sunny-day team obviously)
    Agilitty (for fast sweeper).

    besides, dragon type moves on charizard are useless. For dragon-type cover we have pokemon as tyranitar, Besides. The most of Dragon-type move gets Stone Edge, and do charizard a *****... While moltres can work on Rain and Sun at the time.

    Overall... Moltres is definetively better than bellyzard...
  15. Shine

    Shine Psyched Up Staff Member Moderator

    Mods do care.
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