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Communication Error..?

Discussion in 'Technology Help' started by SparklingSapphire, Feb 11, 2013.

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  1. I have three Gen V Pokemon games -- Black 2, Black, and a Japanese copy of White -- and I have three DS systems -- one 3DS and two Lites. I have never had any issues with between these three games before; however, something weird started happening today.

    Every time I try to trade with my Japanese White, I make it almost all the way through the trade and then, right when it says "Stopping communications... Please wait.", I get a communication error. When you turn the game back on, you're standing in front of the Union Room, and the trade didn't go through at all. I was trading with Black 2 the first two times it happened, and I figured that it was just because I was on my 3DS, and there was some weird region lock. (Which doesn't quite explain why I've been able to do it before, but okay.) I traded between Black and Black 2, and I had no problems. Then, I tried trading between White and Black, both on DS Lites, and once again, I got a communication error right before the trade was about to end.

    Does anyone know what could possibly be causing this, and how I could fix it? I would really hate it if I couldn't trade with White anymore... It's really useful to have easy access to Japanese Pokemon. :(
  2. Rezzo

    Rezzo Donkey Kong is here

    Try a combination of everything, and if that doesn't work try trading through your Internet connection to yourself. Are you able to connect to the Internet on Pokémon White?
  3. Foxygene

    Foxygene New Member

    Happens to me, exactly the same. If you find out about the solution, please share it with me.
  4. SkittyOnWailord

    SkittyOnWailord ☣ⓈⓀⒾⓉⓉⓎⓄⓃⓌⒶⒾⓁⓄⓇⒹ☣

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