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simply press crtl+v and post whatever shows up UNLESS it's inappropiate

all sppf rules apply

I'll start

as the tiles states, what would you do if the above signature appears in front of you?

all sppf rules apply

have fun


A single misplaced step
Captain America: 11
Iron Man: 12 +
Thor: 10
Hulk: 11
Black Widow: 8 -
Hawkeye: 9
Spider-Man: 10
Deadpool: 9


"Orange" Magical Girl
[SPOILER="A long time ago in a forum far far away...]

SPPf Wars: A New Post

The dark side is rising as the newly created Darth Vader awakens

and is building a giant sphere to destroy any planet with ease. Darth

Vader has captured Princess Leia, the sister of Luke Skywalker. Wait...

what kind of brother is he if he got her own sister captured like that? Whatever,

let's just say that Luke learns how to use a lightsaber from Obi Wan Kenobi

and they go off to outer space in search of Princess Leia. Oh and there are some

cool adventures too.


Luke Skywalker (YourFavoriteUser)
Princess Leia (~CallOfTheIndie~)
Han Solo (-Nator-)
Chewbacca (Dragalge)
Obi Wan Kenobi (AuraChannelerChris)
R2-D2 (Zorocario)
C-3PO (BritishLanguage)


???: I am Odin Dark!

No not you. Him:

Darth Vader (???)

Plus other cameos from SPPf members![/SPOILER]


A single misplaced step
Water: 119
Ice: 50 +
Ghost: 11 -


A single misplaced step
M Beedrill: 19 +
M Pidgeot: 33
M Sceptile: 17 -
M Swampert: 31


[roll 1]
you moved only 1 step forward. you also stepped on some spikes. you drank the potion.
(-2 health, +4 health, +4 mentality)

[roll 2]
you used the healing fountain, but the water was poisoned. you also moved only 2 steps forward.

code red
[roll 2]
you walked only 2 steps forward and failed to connect to the wireless intenet.

[roll 2]
you also walked only 2 steps forward and failed to dodge the spikes.
(-2 health)

JESUS CHRIST, why the rolls are so damn horrible???? I just let all of you allow to walk 2 more steps

thanos lost 1 health because of the burn


1. gwendolyn (monster guy)
HP: 5/10
mentality: 10/10
items: a shield which reduces damage, magic potion which restores 4 health and 4 mentality, golden banana which allows you to summon monkeys, an animal potion, super mushroom which allows you to become bigger for 3 turns increasing your attack power and max hp, magic gule which renders you immune to damage for 1 turn, bag (extends your item limit to 7, the bag itself doesn't count toward your item limit)
status: mega evolved (lasts 1 more turn but you can mega-evolve again when it ends) your attack power is greatly increased and your abilty is pixilate instead of trace.
allies: a witch who has 13 health and has the abilty to turn enemies into frogs, a ghost who has 4 health and can scare enemies and lower their mentality

2. thanos (shattersoul)
HP: 2/10
mentality: 7/10
items: a helmet which reduces damage, it has cooled off so it can be worn again, pharaoh's staff which allows you to summon sandstorms, glyph necklace which randomly protects against negative status conditions, focus band which allows you to survive a fatal attack with 1 hp, lucky dice
status: has a small, whirling sandstorm around himself, small burn (you gradually lose 1 health every 3 turns you manage to heal it), poisioned (you gradually lose 1 health every 2 turns you manage to heal it, ends in 6 turns)
allies: a skeleton with a sword, it has 2 health

3. abel aimatos (truly deceptive)
HP: 0/10
mentality: 0/10

4. ellie akiya (tm27crobat)
HP: 0/10
mentality: 0/10

5. code red (geekytreecko)
HP: 4/10
mentality: 7/10
items: magic ring (halves mentality loss), revive (allows you to revive with 5 hp if you die but you will be sent back to the entrance of the place where you died), goron tunic (reduces fire-based damage), cursed bone (when you get attacked directly, there's a 33% chance the attacker will become cursed, lowering their attack power for 2 turns, if a player attacked you and gets cursed they get a -1 to their rolls for 2 turns instead)
status: currently possessing 2 bone dragons. they have 5/10 health each. they're powered up (1 turn left)

6. markus (younggoose)
HP: 2/10
mentality: 10/10
items: an axe (it doesn't count towards your item limit), a spear, shield, laser gun (allows you to fire lasers), 4 bombs
status: right foot burned, any actions involving walking and kicking or other actions involving your foot have a -1 to your roll, any actions involving running have a -2

location: (new in green) you all appear in a small cave. there's totally nothing there apart from a few candles so there's light. there's an exit but it's blocked off by a large rock. you'll need to find some way to destroy the rock and get out of here.

you all get out of the cave. there are 4 doors. there are no other exits so you must enter one of the doors. a maximum of 2 players can enter the same door. each door must be entered by at least 1 player. first come, first serve. you need to post which door you will enter (door 1, 2, 3 or 4) along with your roll (you don't need to bold your door choice)

door 1 leads to a grassland which may look innocent at first but carnivorous plants and slime monsters live there.

door 2 leads to a desert. you will lose 1 health every 2 turns here because of the heat. you need to find a oasis to heal. there are also some pyramids which might be worth exploring.

there was a pyramid. there are valuable treasures inside but there are also mummies who hate intruders. you also won't lose health because of the heat here. the pyramid disappeared into the sand.

door 3 leads to a maze inhabited by ghosts. you need to find your way out of it.

door 4 leads to the mushroom kingdom. I don't really need to say anything here: it's filled with stuff like goombas, koopa troopas, mushrooms, coins and ? blocks.

markus managed to find the exit of the maze. it appears to be an empty room leading to a castle but 2 skeleton guards are guarding it. note that the other 3 rooms also have exits leading here. you need to reach this place to progress.

the first part of the game was a piece of cake. the castle is where it's really gets hard. it's infested with skeletons, bone dragons and zombies. there's lava at the bottom of the castle so if you fall, you're doomed. there are items hidden in the castle. the skeleton lord awaits you in the throne room.
the castle is divided in 8 rooms.
the first room was infested with enemied but they were all killed.
the second room is a bridge. lava erupts from the bottom filled with lava. the exit of the second room is guarded by four bone dragons. the viruses powered them up. they also made them smarter and they can speak english now. they're possessed by code red.
the third room contains 4 guards and 4 zombies. one of them holds a key which is needed to open the door which is armored with magic power so using the key is the ONLY way to advance. the enemies are killed and the door is opened but the zombies will revive soon.
gwendolyn found a secret door containing 9 chests. a maximum of 3 can be opened. they contain various things but some of them contain enemies or nothing. 3 chests were opened so the entrance to this room is gone now.
the fourth room is a maze. it's protected by a mentality force field which causes you to lose 1 mentality every turn.
room 5 consists of a large pit of lava. to reach the exit you need to get over that pit in some way.
between room 5 and 6/7 are two staircases, one leading down and one leading up. you can choose one of these, separate from your roll.
room 6 has a locked door. you need to destroy it to continue.
since code red got out of the 5th room and the skeletons can't get over the pit they stopped pursuing code red.
room 6 is a river of lava. there are rafts you need to step on to get to the exit. there are also cannons which fire blasts that cause you to lose health and mentality.
room 7 is completely dark so you can't see a thing. the contents of the room remain a mystery unless you can light it up. there are monsters lurking here. the room appears to be a dungeon, there are imps lurking who can steal items. all players are currently here. one of the imps is holding gwendolyn's lucky dice and the ghost is hiding somewhere since an imp scared him away. you need to convince him to rejoin you.
you all get further into the dungeon. there are bone dragon heads which shoot flames. there are also spikes.
code red got to the exit of the dungeon but it was guarded.

you all advanced toward the final room. there's a long bridge. with every roll, you can move an amount of steps equal to the number of your roll. you need 12 steps to cross the bridge. there are spikes on the bridge which you must avoid. you can see the skeleton lord from far away, revealing his appearance to be that of a collosal flaming bone dragon.
bridge progress:
gwendolyn 3/12
thanos 4/12
code red 4/12
markus 4/12

enemies: (new in red)
skeletons which have 10 health each
skeleton guards which have 18 health each and are armored
bone dragons which have 14 health each and can spit fire. they take less damage from fire-based attacks.
zombies which are instantly killed after any attack but revive 1 turn after being killed. they can be permanently killed by burning them.
imps who have 5 health and can steal items.

other: (new in blue)
in room 2: there are pyramids in the desert and an oasis somewhere. you can heal there.
thanos reaced a tresure room but activated a trap. the boulder crushes anyone who is in the pyramid in 1 turn. anyone who gets hit loses 5 health.
in the castle: there are items hidden in the castle.
the dark void disappeared from all of the rooms.

there's a healing fountain at the entrance of the final room, which allows you to recover 2 health. it can only be used once. its precense is rather suspicious though. the water is poisoned.

the merchant disappeared. the following items are now hidden in the castle along with random items:

point swap which allows you to swap your health with your mentality. for example, if you use it whie you have 5 hp and 7 mentality you will have 7 hp and 5 mentality. it can't be used if your mentaility is 0 and if you use it while your health is 4 or lower you will automatically enter insanity mode.
mega bomb which has a huge blast radius and deals decent damage but most of the time you'll take damage too.
power potion which ensures your next roll is a 6 but you may not roll the next turn.

a mentality orb that allows you to deal more damage at the cost of mentality
a magic bracelet which increases your max hp at the cost of being unable to roll a 6

also don't forget I'm accepting pre-sign-ups


Metallic Wonder
"You know what is funnier though? Dancing, modelling, the helpless shrieks of your enemies in pain, and most adorable Pokemon!" Katherine replied as she joined them. Yeah, I'm outta here, alright.

Ten litle charmanders.